2012 Internet Marketing Predictions for Achieving Your Goals in the New Year

The New Year presents the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. If you haven’t put together resolutions for yourself and your business already, take a moment to envision what you want 2012 to be. After setting goals for your company, one step towards making them a reality is to anticipate what lies ahead in the Internet marketing world so you can stay ahead of your competition. As such, complements to New Year’s resolutions are predictions, and we wouldn’t be an Internet marketing company if we didn’t come up with our own!Internet Marketing Business Growth

SEO Will Continue to Reign
As much of an impact as social media and social networking will continue to have on Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is the glue that keeps rankings and lead generation together. To ensure that your target audience will be able to easily find your website and content through high search engine rankings, you must make sure that proper SEO has been and will continue to be implemented.

Keep an Eye-out for Twitter Brand Pages
While Twitter brand pages have yet to become available on a wide scale, stay alert for when the chance arrives. Businesses are expected to benefit from these brand pages since they will provide a way for new interactions and different means to engage with followers.

More specifically, Twitter brand pages provide an expanded header image area, an ability to have a “featured Tweet” for an extended period of time on a brand page, and the option of splitting up a brand’s @replies and @mentions.

New Hats for Keyword Research
There is no denying the importance and value of keyword research, but what are the best tools to utilize? As a larger number of businesses are becoming more ambitious when it comes to Internet marketing, new keyword research tools are expected to develop to provide new perspectives on target audiences and search results. And it’s not just about new tools.

How businesses will combine, use, and implement keyword research methods will play a vital role in the outcome of predicting changes in demand, responses to fluctuating market conditions, and providing the right kind of content, products, and services Internet users are searching for.

Make Way for Google +
Not that anyone is underestimating the power of Google, but we must remind readers that Google Places profiles are linked to Google business pages (Google+’s version of Facebook fan pages, to an extent), which means that the blend of social and search will play an importantly groundbreaking role like never before in 2012.

Questions for the Magic 8 Ball?
Here at SLS Consulting, our legal Internet marketing team will be hosting a Tweetup this Friday, December 6 at 10 a.m. PST to discuss predictions for 2012 in more detail as well as share our Internet marketing New Year’s resolutions. To join in on the discussion being held through @LegalBlogs, please include the hashtag #knowSEO in your tweet(s). We look forward to hearing about your predictions and resolutions for 2012!

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