2 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Lawyers Don’t Usually Anticipate

In our last post, we discussed three of the top mistakes some law firms and small businesses make when it comes to marketing themselves on Facebook. We covered how some law firms broadcast their message on Facebook repetitively, instead of trying to engage their fans by giving them content that is interesting and relevant. We also addressed the importance of presenting the content in a varied manner; through video, status updates, articles, and more, to guarantee that fans won’t become bored and block the law firm’s Page. We also talked about how many attorneys don’t realize the substantial amount of time it takes to maintain their Facebook Page. Now, to conclude our two-part series, we will cover the least anticipated mistakes businesses and law firms should be sure to avoid.

  1. Failing to learn enough about Facebook’s tools and mechanics.
    Law firms sometimes do not take enough advantage of the tools Facebook offers. Business Pages are able to create a custom welcome page, which many law firms and attorneys don’t do but should. Oftentimes the “Info” tab isn’t filled out fully, which can make Facebook users question whether a Page is legitimate. Another common mistake occurs when a law firm uploads a version of their logo to be their profile image but the resulting thumbnail image only shows their logo partially; resulting in the almost meaningless image as the law firm’s brand throughout Facebook.
  2. Violating Facebook’s Terms of Use, whether accidentally or intentionally.
    It is critical to understand how Facebook works and what tools are available for attorneys and law firms, and it’s just as important to understand the rules of the social networking site. Most commonly, law firms create a personal page instead of a proper business Facebook Page, or don’t abide by the rules about holding contests. There are also strict rules about who can be “tagged” in a photo, and “tagging” someone without their permission is a big no-no. Doing so is not only a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use, but may result in a Page getting reported as abusive, which opens the content of a Page up for review by Facebook.

To avoid these common Facebook marketing mistakes, small businesses and law firms should be sure to invest time in learning about how Facebook operates. Facebook is a wonderful place for small businesses and law firms to make personal connections with their customers and clients.

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Source: http://mashable.com/2011/04/02/5-facebook-marketing-mistakes-small-businesses-make/

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