3 Days in BlogWorld: What Attorneys Need to Know

BlogWorld and Media Expo 2010 was far from ordinary and attracted bloggers, social media gurus, and writers from across the globe. With thousands of conference attendees and hundreds of sessions offered, there was never a dull moment. BlogWorld not only provided updates on the latest Internet technology, marketing strategies, and innovative ideas, but it also emphasized the importance of establishing and maintaining communities online. So how does this apply to attorneys? Here are two answers.

1. Establish Online Authority through Authenticity

If your genuine message of how you can help people is properly represented on your website, then you’re on your way to bettering the online community. Creating and maintaining a website that people turn to during a time of need may not be something that can be done in a matter of days, but the long-term result of months of work will be well worth it. The purpose of highlighting your experience, knowledge and skills as an attorney is not to impress; it’s to help represent who you are, how you’ve helped many people in the face of unimaginable challenges, and how you can help the individual who is now visiting your site. Be yourself, be professional, be committed, and be consistent; which leads me to my next point…

2. Provide Relevant, Updated Content

Why should anyone spend their time on your website, your social profiles, or your blog? The answer is that these platforms provide invaluable resources, helpful information, and a way for conversations to be created, relationships to be built, and assistance regarding specific needs to be within reach. Having content on your website, social profiles, and blog that is updated often and directly relates to the information that your target audience is searching for is the perfect way to help those in need and turn visitors into potential clients. But don’t only write about yourself. Readers of your blog and friends, followers or fans of yours on social platforms are interested in what you have to say, but they are also seeking information that will help them solve their current problem. The best way to do this is to identify who you are trying to help and what they are really searching for…

…and this isn’t all. Another blog post will discuss two more invaluable points to your legal Internet marketing plan. In the meantime, stay true to the message of your firm and think of new ways to reach out to your online community. They’re waiting.

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