5 Social Media Tips for Your Business in 2012

Social media has quickly developed into a key asset for creating a successful business, but shifts in social media trends can often make a business feel as if it is always struggling to stay current with the times. However, there are a few simple steps that every business can take to stay current even as the world of social media seemingly changes from day to day.


  1. Set Clear Goals for Social Media in 2012 – Most importantly, every business should understand where they want to go in the span of a year. Setting goals and creating a timeline will inform the rest of the company’s decisions in social media. While strategies may change in accordance with trends in social media, a strong focus on goals will keep a business on track.
  2. Integrate Social Media Sites into Your Other Websites – There are a plethora of social media sites on the Internet today, but all companies should have a presence in the major sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). These separate sites must be directly connected to a business’s main websites, with the ability to like, tweet, and recommend individual pages. 2012 will bring even more social media marketing options, leaving behind companies that do not incorporate these aspects into their sites.
  3. Consistently Create New Content – No matter what trends have come and gone over the years in social networking, one factor remains the same: consistent new content is king. Without new blog posts, tweets, status updates, and many other content additions, a company’s online presence quickly diminishes, directly affecting their day-to-day business. In 2012, social media presence will be tied into advertising, shopping, and business leads more than ever.
  4. Target Your Consumer Base – Never forget who your customers are as well as who you want them to be. Social media output should directly target demographics which will be interested in your products and services. Be aware of the demographics using various forms of social media and tailor your online presence to suit your consumers.
  5. Be Aware of Changes – Social media, and Internet marketing as a whole, is consistently changing with updates, new layouts, new search engine algorithms, and shifts in trends and popularity. Every social media site is playing a more important role than ever before and will implement new features in 2012. Companies that are not ahead of the game run the risk of being seen as outdated and out of touch.

Creating compelling and fruitful social media content can be complex and confusing, but it is key to helping your business grow and flourish on- and off-line. For more information on how to integrate social media with your business, contact SLS Consulting’s legal Internet marketing team at (323) 254-1510 today.

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