Understanding the Role of Anchor Text in Search Engine Rankings

Search engines are intended to provide Internet users with the most relevant results to the terms, also known as keywords, they enter as search options. While it is true that we may not always find what we are looking for on the first page of Google, it is also valid to say that we may need to enter different combinations of terms in order to seek the information we need. So what role does anchor text play in the ocean of search engine optimization?

Anchor text is considered to be the visible and clickable label of a link on a particular web page, blog post, social media profile, email, or other online medium. For instance, if I were to mention that SLS Consulting was ranked in Lead411’s Technology 500 List for 2010, “SLS Consulting” would be the anchor text. The site that the anchor text is linking to is the landing page, which in this case is http://www.legalinternetmarketing.com/. Rather than including that URL to its fullest extent, I have provided a more visually appealing, shorter, and relevant version by titling the link. When the linked (anchor) text is directly related to information on the landing page, this contributes to the rank or weight of the anchor text determined by search engine algorithms. As rules that concern search engines when they are ranking or weighing a website’s listing within its index, algorithms and their influences cannot be ignored.

An anchor text also provides a convenient way for a reader to click on a term of interest to learn more about that subject. The words making up the anchor text also provide a sneak preview to the material of where the link takes you if it is clicked on. However, the quantity, quality, and formulation of links that make up anchor text all play a role, in addition to other search engine optimization tactics, in rankings. Do not expect adding any link to your website or blog to be the major break you have been waiting for. It takes more than that.

While the proper use of anchor text is important, you cannot rely on anchor text alone to beat your online competitors or achieve positive search engine results. Anchor text is just a piece of the puzzle that brings your Internet marketing strategies together to form high search engine rankings and a strong online presence.

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