Are People FOLLOWing Your Law Firm These Days?

When it comes to Twitter, there are generally two types of people: those who see the point, and those who don’t understand how it can possibly be useful, especially from a marketing standpoint. Rest assured, for those attorneys and law firms who currently use the micro blogging service, Twitter use will only benefit one’s marketing efforts.

Thanks to Twitter’s recent creation of the “Follow” button, it has now become much easier for lawyers and law firms to integrate the micro blogging service into their website marketing efforts. Whereas previous Twitter integration mainly consisted of “Tweeting” or sharing an article link from a third-party website to one’s own personal Twitter account, Twitter has now made it possible for website visitors to Follow companies and individuals straight from that third-party webpage. Basically, the Twitter Follow button now bridges the gap between an Internet user’s Twitter account and a law firm’s Twitter account. Now, if a company has a presence on Twitter, that company will be able to promote that presence with a simple Twitter plug-in on their primary marketing source. The new Follow button will allow Internet users to discover companies on Twitter without having to search Twitter’s website to do so.

So, why is this new update and a Twitter presence important? Law firm websites are notoriously informational, and rightfully so. Visitors to a law firm’s website want reassurance that the attorney or firm they are about to hire is an authority on a particular area of law. Unfortunately, this informational content rarely sets one law firm apart from another, particularly if it is clear and concise in both instances. Twitter and other social media websites are therefore the ideal place for attorneys and law firms to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

Rooted in the idea of community, social networks are where attorneys and law firms can be friendly, funny, and establish an identity that is worth paying attention to. In essence, when comparing attorneys, the social attorney is probably going to be the more memorable attorney. Thanks to the new Follow button, attorneys and law firms can now invite website visitors to follow them on Twitter where they can hopefully further establish a positive word-of-mouth effect that may lead to additional business in the future.

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