Are You Scaring Away Potential Clients Online?

Building a strong online presence is the perfect way to have potential customers quickly understand your company and become comfortable with the style and focus of your business. However, mistakes in this area can quickly lead to large amounts of leads failing to turn into customers due to the way your company is presented online.SEO for Business

A Little Oversight Goes a Long Way
What signals are you sending that are driving away potential customers?
Above all, your online presence is meant to build trust with your leads and then strengthen that relationship.

Among the largest mistakes that can be made, poor website design, a lack of support from customers via testimonials, and no contact information, all quickly lead to visitors leaving your site. These mistakes create a sense of anonymity for your company and show no validation for the claims your site may be making. Visitors will get the sense that your company is not legitimate and will be scared off from doing any business with you.

Additionally, small mistakes such as bad grammar and spelling in what you publish online, vague content, content that is written to attract search engines instead of people, and a lack of privacy policy can give visitors the impression that you do not care about them or your services. Online content should be well thought out, well written, and targeted for your audience in order to show customers that you care about them and are an authority.

Feeling Anti-Social?
Finally, a poorly-executed social media plan can quickly wreck your relationship with both potential and pre-existing customers. First, a lack of social media will make your company seem out of date and unaware of new trends. However, those that create a social media presence must stay continually engaged with users by creating new content and answering questions from followers. Failing to do so can give the impression that you do not know how to use social media properly, do not care about customers, or have something to hide.

Time to Step Up Your Game
Creating a successful online presence requires a deliberate and properly executed online marketing plan that encompasses custom website design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content development, and a continual focus on the interests and desires of customers. At SLS Consulting, we are dedicated to crafting an online marketing strategy that includes all of these aspects in order to boost your online presence and continually turn leads into loyal customers. To learn more about how we can be of service to your company, call our offices at (323) 254-1510.

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