Are You Utilizing YouTube in Your Internet Marketing Campaign?

YouTube Marketing VideosPosting video to the Internet is a lot easier than it used to be. With so many single-shot cameras out there also having video capabilities, and nearly all cellular phones having a video recorder built in, posting video of you or your brand to popular video channel sites such as YouTube has never been simpler.

But just because you’re creating video and uploading it to the web, it doesn’t mean that you’re getting the most value (at least as far as your brand is concerned) for your marketing efforts.

First of all, it’s important to remember one thing: people make videos…for EVERYTHING. They post testimonials about what their days are like, they post videos showing how to prepare cooking recipes, and they post videos of animals.

So, with such a wide array and large number of videos out there, how does a company get ITS video to stand out amongst the rest? Simple: be interesting, talk about something topical, and properly optimize your video so that it ranks well amongst search results.

  • Be Interesting: This should be a no brainer, but a lot of people seem to forget that you only have seconds to capture, and hold onto, someone’s attention on the Internet. If your content is less than exciting, your tone is relatively monotone, and you’re using industry specific language that may or may not go right over your intended audience’s head, your video isn’t going to get very many views. First and foremost, try to put an interesting spin on your topic at hand. If it’s about a generally dry subject matter, such as tax law, try to relate the content to your intended viewers. Not only will they appreciate your efforts to tailor your message specifically to them, they will probably return to your video channel at some point in the future to see what else you or your brand are talking about.
  • Be Topical: If possible, talk about a current event (an event that is already being searched). This will increase the likelihood that people will find your video on the web, and will further increase the likelihood that people find their way over to your website. If you can relate a current event back to your business in some way, do it. It may offer a whole new perspective to your audience, and others will view you as a credible source of commentary.
  • Properly Optimize: Be sure to use appropriate keywords so that your video shows up in search. Search engines (at least before all the latest rounds of Google updates) love video, so a properly optimized video will tend to rank well in search results. And remember, always point back to your website in the video description. A properly placed link can (hopefully) lead a large number of people over to your main branding source – your website.

At SLS Consulting, our legal Internet marketing team has been assisting lawyers in obtaining high search engine visibility for over 11 years. Through custom website design and content creation, we utilize search engine optimization (SEO), social networking, video, and other marketing tactics to help our clients reach and convert their target audiences. For a free growth assessment and to find out more about how we can help you net more clients, call (323) 254-1510 today.

Happy video making!

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