The Backbone of Content Marketing Efforts

Keeping track of your marketing efforts and staying ahead of the competition can be exciting, but let’s not fool ourselves here; it can be exhausting too! Have you ever wondered if there’s a simpler, more organized way that you could be managing your content? Because content comes in so many different forms – web pages, blogs, press releases, articles, newsletters, etc. – keeping track of ideas, scheduling, and making sure it is effective, can send anyone into a frenzy. But there is hope!

Editorial calendars provide an efficient way for various businesses and law firms to stay on top of their Internet content marketing game. As highlighted in more detail in TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog, editorial calendars help business owners and writers alike determine what content will be created, when it will be created, in what format, and for which content outlet. Even better, digital editorial calendars monitor the distribution and rechanneling of that content throughout social media platforms. If repurposing content is done correctly and you have something noteworthy to share that will catch someone’s eye, you may find that you can reach a more targeted, or even a new, audience.

Editorial calendars also remind us about the different media we can use to emphasize the points we’re making in writing. Often, we forget the value of adding photos, graphs, and videos. For instance, if you have a WordPress blog, watch this video to see how an editorial calendar can make your life so much easier and make your work more efficient:

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