Blogs Don’t Grow On Trees…Or Do They?

It seems as though everyone has a blog these days, and with good reason. Blogs not only provide accessible, helpful, and interesting information, they also create an opportunity for discussion and a growth of interest among your target audience. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your legal website, factor a law blog (Blawg) into your Internet marketing strategy’s equation.

If you’re trying to save money, don’t let starting a blog get in your way. Did your mother ever tell you that money doesn’t grow on trees? Well, she was right. But blogs do! With several blog websites to chose from, many options are available without you needing to spend a penny.

Of course, there are other blog hosting sites that require a fee, and these should not be disregarded since they have additional services that other blogs do not offer. Additional costs may also be required for certain blog feature upgrades or advanced services on free blog hosting sites like WordPress, which has outstanding popularity. Who would’ve thought that seven years ago WordPress would emerge as one of the most popular places to blog? Many of its users are drawn to a wide range of free features and applications that help enhance a blog’s visual appeal, search engine rankings, and more. Several attorneys who utilize social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have also found it helpful to add free applications to their blog so that blog posts automatically show up as Tweets and Facebook wall posts.

What you can do with a blog is practically limitless; however, you want to avoid getting carried away with blogging tactics that are ineffective. Consult with your Internet marketing strategist for suggestions on search engine optimization, blog topics, and other important factors to help your law firm’s web presence grow.

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