Break the Mold – Give Your Legal Blog Personality

Taking time off this summer? Well, there’s still time to blog. It’s no secret that writing a blog takes time, but it’s nothing to stress about. While it’s logical that you’d want to make sure that your Internet marketing plan is effective and providing you with the results that you want, don’t lose sight of the value in letting your firm’s personality shine through.

Some attorneys may be doubtful as to whether starting a blog is worth the time. Having a legal blog is an opportunity to express your outlook on several topics, including new legislation within your state or the value of being involved with your community. Another important thing to remember is that a blog provides you with something that your website does not. A blog is a place where discussion can develop about topics relating to your area(s) of practice within your community, encouraging others to participate by sharing their own opinions, even if in disagreement. While it is beneficial to add new content to your website to keep visitors informed, it is not a forum where visitors can include their input or personal experiences. And isn’t this what you want to hear?

A blog is not the be-all end-all for your online presence, but it definitely plays a role. While you may not be musing over your Internet marketing plan or blog while taking to the beach or enjoying time with your family during other popular summer activities, taking a break from the hubbub should leave you rested and with a clear mind for new ideas to manifest. There’s also no better time to reflect than when you’re able to step away from your daily routine. For those still burning away at the midnight oil, take a few moments to stop what you’re doing and give yourself the time to get away. But not for too long! Your blog awaits!

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