Building High-Reward Links that are also Future-Proof is Easier than You Think

Link BuildingLet’s be honest, when we say “future-proof” we actually mean “Google-proof,” since it is Google’s algorithm updates that have been putting a damper on various link building strategies, but that does not change the fact that future-proofing your links is actually possible and not as difficult as you may think.

As a legal Internet marketing company, SLS Consulting offers a wide range of services, including SEO (search engine optimization) and a key component of effective SEO is link building, but not just any link building, natural link building.

Google has been getting more adept at recognizing patterns and has been broadening its range in identifying “unnatural” links so we can no longer rely on strategies that worked before or are even working now, because these strategies may get thrown out the window after the next algorithm update. We need to focus on what has always worked and therefore will continue to work regardless of what Google decides to do.

Natural links, which SEOmoz identifies, in part, as links where you don’t control the anchor text, are not forced. For example, writing press releases for the sole purpose of including specific anchor text/keyword links, instead of for the purpose of drawing attention to linkable assets on your website, is not natural and is forced. Tactics such as using PRs for links and over-optimizing for certain anchor texts creates patterns, and if Google can find a pattern, it is bad news for your blog, your website and potentially any other online presence.

By building links and creating content with the mindset of someone who would want to share information with an audience, rather than someone who wants to push information at an audience, it becomes easier to achieve natural and thus high-reward links that can benefit your business. Staying off of Google’s radar is just a perk.

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