By 2015, Worldwide Internet Traffic Will Quadruple

Recent data provided to Mashable by Cisco found that Internet traffic worldwide is estimated to quadruple between 2010 and 2015. By then, close to three billion people will be regularly using the Internet, which will be over 40 percent of the projected population for the world at that time. On average, there will be more than two Internet connections per person in the world, largely as a result of the explosion in popularity of web-enabled mobile devices.

In North America, a 26 percent increase in online traffic growth is expected, with other regions, notably the Middle East and Africa, seeing larger increases in Internet traffic. However, in North America the number of devices per person is expected to dramatically increase: It is estimated that there will be approximately 5.8 devices per person, meaning people will be connected like never before.

It is estimated that tablets will increase worldwide production by about 750% from 2010. Ereaders are in second place in regards to growth, expected to increase worldwide by about 550%, and smartphone growth expected to increase by 194%.

What does this mean? It means people all over the world will be accessing the Internet from not only their desktop or laptop computers, but via tablet, ereader, and smartphone as well. Whether they are at home, work, or out and about on the town; wherever they are, people can (and will) be online.

Will your law firm be a part of it? Now is the time to capitalize on the increasing Internet traffic by making your legal website easily searchable, engaging on social networking platforms, and sharing your message and news about your law firm with others online.


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