Can We Twitter-View You?

What is your company doing on Twitter these days? Business Twitter

If you’re posting about your industry, talking about industry events you’ve attended lately, or regularly interacting with other Twitter users while acting as an authority in your industry, you’re on the right track. However, have you ever thought about other ways that you can utilize the micro-blogging service to help promote your business?

There are a variety of ways that a business can use Twitter to help promote their brand. Just like on other social media sites, photos and links to videos can be posted to your Twitter feed. Generally speaking, both photos and videos are clicked on and viewed more often than posts merely containing text. However, posting links to specific pages on your website or new blog posts is also a popular strategy. By directing people to your primary branding source (your website), you are not only exposing them to more information about your company, but are increasing the likelihood of retaining new clients via interaction initiated on one of your social media sites (Twitter).

Another strategy that you might want to try out is the Twitter-View, an updated take on a traditional interview that can help highlight the accomplishments or biographical information of one or all employees at your company. By posting a Twitter-View on your Twitter feed, you are accomplishing two important things:

  1. You are promoting your brand through an individual employee, hopefully linking back to that employee’s other company related social media profiles; and
  2. You are being an active Twitter user, populating your Twitter feed with posts and showing your followers and potential followers that your account is worth paying attention to because you regularly post to it.

Social Networking for Business

A Twitter-View can utilize a unique hashtag in order to be easily searched within Twitter, and is a slightly different approach than the traditional 140-character post.

As always, the most important thing to remember when it comes to social media is that you need to be SOCIAL. Think of it like this. If you’re at a party, and you’re being boring, no one is going to want to talk to you, let alone remember you (at least not in a positive context). So, while it may sometimes seem difficult to make your work-life interesting, give it a shot anyway! Just try to remember these guidelines:

  • Post regularly and be sure to tweet @ people
  • Be witty, but don’t say anything inappropriate
  • Always direct people back to your brand whenever possible
  • Post links to photos and videos if you can
  • Use keywords as hashtags to help get found

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