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Building a strong online presence is the perfect way to have potential customers quickly understand your company and become comfortable with the style and focus of your business. However, mistakes in this area can quickly lead to large amounts of leads failing to turn into customers due to the way your company is presented online.SEO for Business

A Little Oversight Goes a Long Way
What signals are you sending that are driving away potential customers?
Above all, your online presence is meant to build trust with your leads and then strengthen that relationship.

Among the largest mistakes that can be made, poor website design, a lack of support from customers via testimonials, and no contact information, all quickly lead to visitors leaving your site. These mistakes create a sense of anonymity for your company and show no validation for the claims your site may be making. Visitors will get the sense that your company is not legitimate and will be scared off from doing any business with you.
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Law Firm Marketing StrategiesConvincing consumers to trust your company and its services takes time, effort, and a strong marketing strategy. However, the continual evolution of the Internet and the way that consumers view and research law firms online has radically altered the way that legal services are marketed to consumers.

Consumers today often perform extensive research on lawyers and law firms before they ever make a call. This occurrence of trust in the online age has been called the “Zero Moment of Truth” by Google and has a direct impact on how attorneys market their services and how their sites are ranked by search engines.

One of the most important aspects to successful search engine marketing and having a higher likelihood of consumers choosing your firm is to share as much information as possible about your company online.
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Where would content on a website be without search engine optimization (SEO)?

Probably lost in cyberspace.

What role would SEO play if it wasn’t associated with relevant, informative content?

Most likely a nonexistent one.

What I’m hinting at here is the balanced relationship between content and SEO for desired search engine results, online success, and lead generation.

With so many Internet marketing strategies out there, it can be confusing as to which tactic is the most effective and worthwhile when it comes to a business’ goals and marketing budget; a thought on pretty much every company’s mind as 2011 quickly comes to a close.
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In our last blog post, we discussed how editorial calendars can help save businesses and law firms a lot of time, effort, and essentially, money.

A major thing that is great about editorial calendars is that they make it easy to see how much content is being created, how often, and when it will be published. This type of arrangement is beneficial when several people need access to content requirements, responsibilities, and scheduling.
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One of the most common questions we receive from clients is whether or not social media marketing can result in new clients. In short, the answer to this question is YES, but it needs to be clarified.

Social media can net you new clients, but only if it’s properly utilized. That is, social media should be used to help foster relationships with both past and potential clients, and should positively promote a company and its services. Indirectly, this positive portrayal can (and probably will) lead to new clients, but it must be allowed to do so naturally. Specifically, you shouldn’t push your services on fans, followers, or connections. Simply show that you’re an authority in your respective field, take every opportunity to interact with your audience, and be as interesting as
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A recent email from an SLS client said: “We met with and signed a new seriously injured client last night and afterwards we asked her how she got to our firm… ‘I googled (keyword) and your firm appeared first. I figured you guys must be the best. I clicked through to your website, liked the way it looked, was impressed with your credentials so I called.’ She never looked beyond the first option on the first page!”

Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last
You don’t have to cheat to achieve being No. 1 on Google or any other search engine. The expression, “Nice guys finish last”, couldn’t be more wrong. While this doesn’t mean that some people don’t try to use black hat search engine optimization (SEO) to be on the first page of a user’s search, the chances are slim that rankings achieved this way will last.
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While it makes sense for an Internet marketing firm, or a law firm for that matter, to jump at the chance to help someone in need, it may be beneficial for your business if you turn down some prospective clients. First of all, your clients reflect who you are as a business. If you take on any new client just for the sake of gaining more profit, you will end up helping no one and only hurting your reputation and business. And secondly, if you take on every client that contacts you, are you really going to be able to provide the personal attention that they need?

Similar to how an attorney will not take on just any case, at SLS Consulting, we do not work with everyone who contacts us for help with their website and Internet marketing. Would we like to? Of course. But we owe it to our clients to make sure that we can dedicate the time and energy that is promised, and then some.
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On the Internet, there are numerous ways for us to establish our identities. Regardless of how we do it, our end goal is to provide others with information about ourselves that gives them information about who we are. Establishing one’s brand is an entirely different matter. Specifically, one’s brand isn’t who we are, but what we represent, how we represent it, and is ultimately dependant on how we market it. Now, while these explanations may seem vague, further examination reveals more precisely how brand and identity are different and how each are intertwined.

Pretend your name is John Smith, and you own a bakery. You log onto social networking sites, provide those sites with your name, place of employment, and a brief description about your company. This is your identity, plain and simple. Now let’s say you create a blog talking about your bakery, you Tweet about product specials, and you interact with customers on a more one-on-one level via social networking sites like Facebook. Here, you are promoting your brand, essentially giving customers and clients further insight into what your company is about via marketing your business. See the difference? Effectively marketing oneself on social networks isn’t simply about being there (having an identity), it’s about establishing yourself as an authority, showing customers and potential clients that you can be a trusted source of information, and that you are more than a business store front that is simply trying to secure profit. At the most basic level, our brands show others what we care about, and help them connect with us on a more interactive level.
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SLS Consulting, an established and respected boutique legal internet marketing consulting group located in South Pasadena, California, is honored to be celebrating 10 years in business. To mark this very special occasion, SLS Consulting is proud to announce the launch of its brand new website, which can be viewed at:

The team of marketing professionals at SLS Consulting that President and founder of the company, Susan L. Sipe, has trained and assembled, are pioneers in the internet marketing field. With Susan’s lead, their efforts have helped countless firms build personalized strategic marketing plans aimed at increasing client development. SLS’s unique approach to internet marketing includes offering exclusivity to our valued clients based on their geographic location and area of expertise.

With the launch of its brand new website at:, SLS Consulting offers legal professionals a new hub for exploring all of the custom services that their firm has to offer. Whether they are looking for a tutorial on the A-B-C’s of search engine marketing, an example of SLS’s certified results in search engine placement, or testimonials from attorneys who have benefited from partnering with SLS; the new website is an exciting addition to SLS’s impressive stable of assets.
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By now, most Web-savvy people in the legal world, or any industry for that matter, are familiar with the importance of social marketing. They understand that social marketing not only enhances the effectiveness of other legal Internet marketing strategies but far more importantly, it allows them to receive feedback from and interact with their site’s visitors and target audience. Social marketing provides a practical way to share information. However, the owners of sites and their Internet marketing consultant need to be very careful about how this information is dispensed. Web users are becoming increasingly sophisticated at discerning useful social marketing content provided for their benefit or entertainment from attempts to manipulate their purchasing decisions via social marketing methods. In order achieve its goals, social marketing strategies must have merit and something useful to contribute to the social networking communities that is serves.

To that end, here are some social networking ideas to keep in mind that will help you through the current economy and set you up for success when it recovers:

  • Keep it real! – As previously mentioned, Web users are quite astute at discerning genuine efforts to contribute to the community from fake attempts to manipulate them and can employ the power of social networking to ‘call out’ fakes. This is illustrated by a recent incident where some popular Twitterers were outed for taking cash in exchange for product recommendations in their tweets. This created an outrage among Twitter users, and the backlash sullied the reputations of the Twitterers and the products they were shilling for.
  • Create your own community and engage your readers – Blog posts rank well in search results, give readers a reason to check your site often, provide interesting and useful information and create a sense of community among your readers. Consider adding a blog to your site with posts written by you, your legal Internet marketing consultant or a mix or both.

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