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The old saying that “bad news travels fast,” has never seemed more relevant than it does in the Information Age. These days, a legal professional’s reputation not only can precede him or her, it can also directly influence a potential client’s decision to contact or not contact him or her. The rising popularity of Web sites that allow people to share their positive or negative experiences with products or professionals of any stripe makes it easy for people to share their opinions. Those opinions, whether based on fact or not, show up in search results and can have a profound impact on the success of a law firm or legal professional.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of proactive reputation management tips that are inexpensive, enhance the effectiveness of other legal Internet marketing techniques, and allow legal professionals to take charge of their reputation management. These tips for lawyers include:

  • Harness the power of social marketing – Social marketing sites are becoming increasingly relevant for any lawyer’s or law firm’s Internet marketing. Consider creating profiles for yourself and/or your law firm on social networking sites that cater to legal professionals as well as the heavyweights like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Host informational videos on your site – Consider hosting informational videos on your legal Web site that address some of the questions your clients often ask you about. These add value to your site, engage your site’s visitors and also rank well in search results!
  • Add a legal blog to your site – Whether you write the legal blog’s posts yourself or have your legal Internet marketing company compose them for you, they benefit your site, rank well in search results, and allow you to address topical issues in the legal industry and provide valuable information to your site’s visitors and potential clients.

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It can be tempting to crawl under a rock until the recession passes, but the National Law Journal recently published surprising news from 2008: legal filings actually rose nine percent in 2008. Here’s how to turn these numbers into a great legal marketing opportunity for your firm:

Respect the climate. Fear is everywhere…and chances are your potential clients are afraid, too. Keep your website real and make it personal. Gone are the days of the stuffy image, roll up your sleeves and smile for your website photos.
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Do you hear it? It’s not a tsunami…it’s a tidal wave of potential clients. The wave of the future, in fact. It’s “Generation Y”, and it’s a demographic you’ve got to use if you don’t want to lose.

Who are these mysterious kids? Well, they were born roughly between 1978 and 2000 and have been called “Millennials” and “Generation Next.” They’re thought to be characterized by their addiction to wealth and fame, their short attention spans, and their reliance on all things digital, from texting to Facebook and Twitter.
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We’ve all heard the story of the man who doesn’t appreciate the woman he has until she walks out the door. While every client won’t be a repeat, creating an amazing customer experience for each and every client can generate some serious marketing juju for your firm, no matter how big or small. Here are some ideas for leveraging the clients you do have and turning them into more business:

Never underestimate the power of a question: “How did you find us?” “What did you like most about your service?” “What can we do better?” It’s easy to neglect these questions when you’re mired in a pile of briefs and ex parte hearings, but do so at your own peril. Chances are your current clients already know what you need to do to get your next set…they just haven’t told you yet.
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