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Pasadena Legal Blog Writing There comes a time in every attorney’s life, maybe more often than most would like to admit, when it seems as though there is never time to blog. Imagine that!

For most lawyers, this isn’t far from the truth as time spent in court, paperwork, and client interaction makes the months and years fly by. With that being said, neglecting the Internet for marketing and branding opportunities, such as a legal blog, can do a lot more harm than good and it is worth arranging your schedule to sort out what’s feasible.

Whether you do your own legal blog writing or hire a company to do it for you, inspiration for writing can often be found through some outside perspective. No one likes to be told what to do, but when you need help, being open to some suggestions never hurts.

How to Clear Some Mental Space

One way to overcome law blog writer’s block is to tap into why blogging is important. Here are some blog posts on areas to focus on for rekindling your motivation and to give your legal blog the new edge it needs:

  1. How to Increase Blog Traffic for Conversion
  2. Picking Targeted Topics to Engage Readers
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Who You Are
  4. If Your Blog Matters to You, it Will Matter to Your Audience
  5. Keep the Basics of Blogging Success in Mind
  6. Don’t Give Up! It Takes Time for a Blog to Get Noticed

No matter how slammed you may be with work, taking a few moments to read up on the above and other “How To’s” of blogging can relieve some stress. You’re not the only one out there juggling a lawyer’s responsibilities, marketing, and everything else life throws your way.
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blog.jpgThe path to a disastrous blog is written with good intentions.

Many set out to create a memorable and successful blog post, but do not realize until long after they have hit “publish” that what they have put online is harmful to both their reputation and their business.

Grammar Catastrophes
Written content is meant to be effortless to read while also enticing. Nothing throws a pot hole in the path to success like grammar mistakes. Misspellings, bad syntax, poorly constructed sentences, and clunky language can easily put an end to the reading of a blog. Process your thoughts, take your time, and review your blog before publishing. If a visitor believes that a business cannot write properly, how can they trust the services that are provided?
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At this point, your law firm probably already has a blog (or if it doesn’t, you should really set one up). Although blogs are not as powerful a platform as they once were, they are still an important factor in content creation and a thorough inbound marketing strategy. A strong blog marketing plan impacts your overall Internet marketing success. By growing the influence of your blog, you can increase your content exposure and gradually evolve your attorney blog traffic from casual lookie loos to dedicated subscribers who will share your content and increase your conversion rate. But how can you get there?

Steps to Creating a Conversion-Worthy Blog
It would be great if you could just blog once or twice a month, get lots of traffic and automatically get a throng of dedicated subscribers, but that’s not really how it works.
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Blogging for AttorneysThere are many ways a business tries to connect with their target audience to address their concerns and answer their questions before they even ask them. One of these methods is by way of a blog. For law firms, a legal blog can be the perfect platform to provide potential clients with quality information, both legal and general. But how can you write informative posts that answer potential clients’ questions if you don’t ask them? Ask Quora.

What is Quora?
Quora is a platform where people can find, collect, and share information about topics important to them. It is also where a person can see what questions people are asking about a given topic, which is where Quora is especially useful for bloggers.

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While no blogger should ever feel ashamed of their downfalls – and we all have them – it can be difficult to admit to ourselves, let alone to others, what needs improving.

Blogging Tips

Nevertheless, here are 10 New Year’s Resolutions no blogger ever wants to say out loud, but may catch themselves realizing they should, so as to tackle them with initiative in 2012!

  1. I will not go an entire month without posting a blog!
  2. I will not go an entire week without posting a blog!
  3. No longer will I post blogs without having someone proofread them first.
  4. If I’m tempted to rush through writing a blog, I will slow down and take my time so I can make it worthwhile for others to read.
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So, you have a blog that you regularly post to. Chances are fairly good that you either write your blog, or you employ a marketing company to write it for you. Either way, you probably read the content prior to it going live, so it’s important that you ask yourself one question: If this blog wasn’t published by your company, would you still read it? Let’s examine the dynamics of a properly optimized, yet interesting and readable blog that people would want to subscribe to.blog_4684908.jpg

First, let’s preface this conversation with one simple truth: there are some subjects that are just plain boring. If you’re in the type of industry that is regularly referred to as uninteresting, you’re at a slight disadvantage, but certainly not one that you cannot overcome. An interesting, thought provoking, well-trafficked blog is attainable regardless of the subject matter. Ultimately, it all depends upon the writing style.
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In our last blog post, we addressed recent discussion on some blogs like and about how most bloggers rely on Facebook to promote their blog. Believe it or not, this applies to attorneys, too. Sharing a legal blog post on your law firm Facebook page isn’t a bad thing. However, the opportunity to draw in new visitors to your blawg grows the more you effectively utilize different online platforms and means for distribution.

BlogWorld suggests a few of these tips to attract new readers to your blog and we’ve added additional information to fit the Legal Internet marketing approach:

  • Consider having guest blog posts from other attorneys in your field
  • Read other legal blogs and leave comments when relevant and when there is genuine interest
  • Write blogs that are interviews of members of the firm
  • Submit articles to directories about pertinent legal issues in your state and/or city
  • Think about linking to old blog posts within new posts
  • Include a link to your blawg in your email signature
  • Pay attention to whether a press release could be written that is relevant to a particular blog post

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It’s difficult to find a law firm without a blawg, or legal blog, in a world where the Internet dominates marketing. It’s even becoming rarer to find a law firm without a Facebook fan page. One of the most fascinating things about Internet marketing is that when all the right efforts are being carried out and in line with one another, a giant web is formed that helps distribute, organize, and link relevant and effective content, thus driving more potential clients to a website.

For some Internet marketing companies, and even for some attorneys, there can be a preference or favoritism towards one type of marketing tool or social networking tactic. However, a recent Infographic on Soshable highlights our dependency on Facebook and a BlogWorld article challenges us to think outside the Facebook box for different ways to help promote our blogs.
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It is not too late to join in on The Daily Post, the challenge presented by WordPress for users to write and publish one blog post a day (or a week) throughout the course of 2011. Mashable notes that WordPress announced their challenge over the New Year holiday, catering, in a way, to the likelihood that various writers and bloggers have been looking for something to help keep them motivated to blog more frequently in the New Year.

The Daily Post is a guide that provides blog topic suggestions on a daily basis to help inspire, encourage, and even give advice in regard to blogging. It can be difficult to carve out the time to write for your blog, especially if you can barely find time in the day to eat! However, if that is your situation, it may be a good idea to explore resources to help you manage your time and workload. In any case, blogging on a daily basis may not be your cup of tea, but blogging at least once a week could be a great start towards boosting your business’ or law firm’s online presence by sharing your knowledge and helping spread your unique experiences.
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Legal blogs, or blawgs, have contributed to the creation of many online communities, providing helpful resources of information for those searching the Internet for various data. Blawgs also provide a space where you can highlight your law firm’s achievements. While this can be done through describing a recent jury verdict or case settlement, many attorneys forget one of the most important components to add on their blawg: testimonials.

Testimonials capture the voice of a person who is not just a client; they are someone whose life you have truly touched and made a difference for. The value in personable connections cannot be lost through business transactions. Most clients are your clients not only because of being drawn to your skills, knowledge and experience, but also because you stood out to them as someone that they could relate to, depend on, and benefit from. As a legal Internet marketing firm, we recognize the significance of testimonials from our clients as well; every business should. Just last week, I received the following email from Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Neil Shouse:
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