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Taking time off this summer? Well, there’s still time to blog. It’s no secret that writing a blog takes time, but it’s nothing to stress about. While it’s logical that you’d want to make sure that your Internet marketing plan is effective and providing you with the results that you want, don’t lose sight of the value in letting your firm’s personality shine through.

Some attorneys may be doubtful as to whether starting a blog is worth the time. Having a legal blog is an opportunity to express your outlook on several topics, including new legislation within your state or the value of being involved with your community. Another important thing to remember is that a blog provides you with something that your website does not. A blog is a place where discussion can develop about topics relating to your area(s) of practice within your community, encouraging others to participate by sharing their own opinions, even if in disagreement. While it is beneficial to add new content to your website to keep visitors informed, it is not a forum where visitors can include their input or personal experiences. And isn’t this what you want to hear?
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It seems as though everyone has a blog these days, and with good reason. Blogs not only provide accessible, helpful, and interesting information, they also create an opportunity for discussion and a growth of interest among your target audience. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your legal website, factor a law blog (Blawg) into your Internet marketing strategy’s equation.

If you’re trying to save money, don’t let starting a blog get in your way. Did your mother ever tell you that money doesn’t grow on trees? Well, she was right. But blogs do! With several blog websites to chose from, many options are available without you needing to spend a penny.
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If you are wondering why your legal blog does not have as many subscribers or monthly visitors as you would like, you may need to ask yourself this question. While it may feel daunting at first to explore the issues surrounding building legal blog readership, it is helpful to begin with establishing your intentions for your blog. As a starting point, remember that your blog’s content is only a part – although a very important part – of the entire blogging process. Many other vital aspects of your blog should involve effective use of search engine optimization (SEO) tools and other marketing efforts.

First of all, don’t be afraid to create a wish-list for what you would like your blog to encompass. This could relate to layout, writing tone, use of video or pictures, and blog topic choice. Having a blog for your law firm is a great opportunity, not only for you and your colleagues to share unique legal experiences, but also to encourage discussion between other firms and various readers who may be law students or even potential clients.
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It takes time for a legal blog to gain presence on the Internet and get recognized by search engines. We all wish that creating a legal blog with heavy readership and strong Internet rankings that lasts could happen overnight, but that is not the case.

Deciding to start a legal blog is a commitment. It requires constant attention to several factors such as how often posts should be made, what kind of topics will a blog cover, how many keyword links should be included in a blog and where should they link to, etc. Launching a legal blog cannot simply be a phase or a short-lived interest in trying something new. If you want to see significant results on the search engines and have readers subscribe to and read your blog, you have to be ready to hone-in on your writing skills and read-up on search engine optimization. The other key factor is allowing time for a blog to grow. Be patient with the steps it takes for more visitors to be drawn to your blog and the process of finding more and more topics of value and interest.

If you are thinking of beginning a legal blog, one of the first things you should ask yourself is, “What kind of message do I want to send to readers, fellow colleagues and even potential clients?” Similar to any blog, the drive behind setting up a legal blog is to encourage discussion pertaining to specific issues and provide relevant, helpful information for internet users.
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In today’s Internet environment a blog is the single most cost effective Internet marketing tool available. You can get a free blog from many places and/or you can purchase professional blogs if you have the budget for under $5000 a year and it is worth every penny.

Here are just some tips on what to do once you have a blog…

1) Update frequently
The best written and most compelling legal blog won’t yield a good ROI if you only update it biannually. Schedule time to blog on at least a weekly basis.
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