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For many companies, creating the right appearance online can be a tricky situation. The same is true for law firms, as staying professional while appealing to the strong call for personalization online can seem like a difficult task. However, it is important for law firms to recognize that personalizing their online presence and showing the human side to their company is not a threat to their appearance, but rather a boost to their attractiveness to potential clients.

A law firm should always show clients that they are skilled and ready to represent them. However, keep in mind that people would rather interact with a human being than a faceless organization. This is where personalizing content comes into play.

Personalization, as can be seen by the word itself, is unique for every law firm online marketing strategy. However, there are certain factors to always keep in mind when creating content online. When reviewing your company’s websites think of these factors and consider whether or not you have been appropriately personalizing content.
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The year 2012 brought major changes for Internet marketing, both in new guidelines from search engines and new trends in what can make online marketing more affective. Some of these changes brought unique spins on marketing, others brought panic for those who suddenly found themselves scrambling to keep up with the changes. With so many major events in the world of Internet marketing this past year, 2013 can be frightening to think about for many, but it’s also an opportunity for a fresh start.

While no one can completely predict what may occur in the coming year, here are some major predictions for legal Internet marketing in 2013.
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It is that time of year again to get out your pen and paper, or launch your computer’s writing program, and write down what your goals and resolutions for 2013 will be. There are no restrictions to New Year’s resolutions and you can have as many as you want. You can even keep different lists, for the different aspects of your life. While many people stick to personal goals like, “Exercise at least twice a week,” at SLS Consulting, we believe it is important to also come up with New Year’s resolutions for your law firm.

A Tentative Legal Internet Marketing Resolutions List
Every law firm is different and while general goals may overlap with other firms, it is important to come up with those resolutions that are specific to you and what you want to be better at. Getting to #1 in Google search aside, here are some New Year’s resolutions that may seem small but could do great things with your legal Internet marketing campaign:
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There are two different marketing routes you can take to increase your visibility and convert more potential clients as a law firm: 1) Traditional Marketing; and 2) Inbound Marketing. While we may be biased as an attorney Internet marketing company, no one can deny the importance of having a strong online presence in times such as these, where the Internet is the first source of information for most people trying to find goods and services.

The below infographic, courtesy of The Whole Brain Group by way of HubSpot, provides a clear explanation of the difference between traditional and inbound marketing, as well as the basics of a cohesive and effective inbound marketing strategy, but we’ll also be covering the main points of this infographic for your convenience.
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Balancing Vacation and MarketingThe weather is heating up, the summer months are upon us, and vacation time is just around the corner. But remember, even though a lot of you are potentially going to be taking a week or two off this summer, that doesn’t mean that your law firm’s marketing efforts need to shut down all together. Your legal marketing campaign should constantly be moving forward, and there are ways to ensure that it doesn’t fall by the wayside while you’re sitting poolside.

Automating new posts to your blog and social media sites can be an effective way to maintain your brand’s posting patterns and keep your audience interested. Whether you’re using a social media aggregator like HootSuite or Twitterfeed, or you’ve scheduled new content to go live via your blog site’s posting options, being prepared to post new content while you’re away is always a good idea. Just think of it this way. Before leaving the office for an extended period of time (i.e. vacation), many people set up an autoreply for their email account. So, for those people who don’t necessarily email you, but who visit your blog and social media sites on a regular basis looking for new information about your law firm, the ideal way to auto-reply to them, even while you’re away, is by scheduling new posts.
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Business Website RankingsThe first thing we hear from almost every new client is something along the following lines:

“How much are my rankings going to improve?”

It’s no secret that a well-optimized website is going to rank well on the major search engines, but the days of relying strictly on optimization are long gone. Citations from credible sources, client reviews, regularly updated (relevant) content, and even a presence on social media sites are all aspects of Internet marketing campaigns that are carefully considered during the ranking process. What about a local marketing campaign though? Let’s examine Google Places to learn more about certain pitfalls that you should avoid at all costs if you want your address and website to have a strong showing in the SERPs and on Google Maps.
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What makes you unique as a lawyer? How does your law practice differ from all the others in your field, your city, and your state?

These may seem like basic questions, but they are important to ask. Once you have the answers, use them. The best place to start is on your website; after all, it’s one of the first places potential clients will “see” you and it’s your chance to make a lasting first impression so they pick up the phone and call you.

gavel-flag-6259367.jpgWhat You Can Do
Not to discount the tremendous skill, knowledge, time, and effort that go into handling cases through deposition, mediation, settlement, or trial, but it is commonly understood that for an attorney’s career to really take off, he or she must find the time to be involved in the legal community outside of the courtroom, so to speak.
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The New Year presents the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. If you haven’t put together resolutions for yourself and your business already, take a moment to envision what you want 2012 to be. After setting goals for your company, one step towards making them a reality is to anticipate what lies ahead in the Internet marketing world so you can stay ahead of your competition. As such, complements to New Year’s resolutions are predictions, and we wouldn’t be an Internet marketing company if we didn’t come up with our own!Internet Marketing Business Growth

SEO Will Continue to Reign
As much of an impact as social media and social networking will continue to have on Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is the glue that keeps rankings and lead generation together. To ensure that your target audience will be able to easily find your website and content through high search engine rankings, you must make sure that proper SEO has been and will continue to be implemented.
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‘Tis the season for legal marketing,
Law, Law, Law, Law, Law Law, Law, Law Law
That’s right. As we spend time with family and friends this holiday season and ring in the New Year, it’s important not to neglect your legal Internet marketing resolution: rank better! So, without further ado, we present our holiday-themed Legal Internet Marketing To-Do List:

  • Be sure to DECORATE your home (page): Is your home page eye-catching? Does it have that special something extra that’s going to make people want to explore your site? If not, think about sprucing it up a bit.
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When it comes to business, the financial bottom line is ultimately what dictates whether a business sinks or swims. If you sell a product or service that people have a need for, you’re in the right business. If you sell a high quality product or service, then you’ve distanced yourself from the majority of your competition. But if you’re not properly marketing your product or service, you’re missing a huge opportunity to expand your market base, which can have a significantly negative impact on your company’s bottom line.

This time of year, a lot of companies are choosing to allocate leftover funds from the marketing budget so that they can write the cost off as a business expense for the current tax year. If your company is contemplating hiring an Internet marketing firm, be sure to do your research before entering into any sort of contract. Don’t just hire a company because you want to write it off on your taxes – hire a company because it has a proven track record of success and satisfied clients.
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