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You probably have a good site. Could it be better? Most likely. As a lawyer, chances are you don’t have the spare time to redesign your own website. But this doesn’t mean that your input doesn’t matter.

checklist_8674494.jpgIt’s important to be involved in the legal website redesign process not only because you’ll feel good about contributing, but also because you hold the foundation for the overall message and experience that you want your site to deliver. After all, your website is a direct reflection of you as an attorney and your law firm as a whole.

Make Conversions Your Priority
The most important thing to remember about website design is that it must be geared towards converting a visitor – think about the target audience you are trying to reach. This is why the design and layout must be created with the user in mind. SEO will draw traffic but your site has to get visitors to call you. Here’s one way to think about it: if a person is in a difficult situation and comes to your website seeking help, information, and answers to their questions, what would they want to see or hear from their potential lawyer?

Conversions should be the whole objective when it comes to design. Because site design is so subjective, no matter what a designer or you may think it looks like, if 100 people come to your site and 100 people turn into clients, there’s something that is right about your site. The same applies to low site visitors in regards to there being something not-quite-right about your site. Everything in design is so subjective that conversion is going to be the only thing that is the tell-tale sign of a good site whether you think it’s ugly or not.
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Balancing the many aspects of your law firm’s online marketing campaign can be a stressful and even confusing task for many, especially as the online marketing world seems to be continually changing. However, there is one aspect of online marketing that is not simply changing, but continually gaining importance for all companies: mobile marketing. The use of smartphones and the presence of mobile marketing is not a fad; it is the future of social media and marketing plans for all companies – law firms included.

The Numbers Don’t Lie
While mobile marketing campaigns can take shape in a wide variety of forms, there is no denying the importance of creating and continually improving one for your company. If you don’t believe how important mobile marketing is, and will continue to become, here are some facts from to convince you.

  • There are 4 billion mobile phones in the world, 1.08 billion of which are smartphones.
  • Analysts have predicted that mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage by 2014.
  • If a mobile site did not work properly during their last visit, 46% of consumers are unlikely to return.
  • Worldwide mobile web traffic has increased by 192.5% since 2010.
  • Half of all local searches are done on mobile devices.
  • Search results and mobile ads that mention a location can increase click-through rates by up to 200%.

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What makes you unique as a lawyer? How does your law practice differ from all the others in your field, your city, and your state?

These may seem like basic questions, but they are important to ask. Once you have the answers, use them. The best place to start is on your website; after all, it’s one of the first places potential clients will “see” you and it’s your chance to make a lasting first impression so they pick up the phone and call you.

gavel-flag-6259367.jpgWhat You Can Do
Not to discount the tremendous skill, knowledge, time, and effort that go into handling cases through deposition, mediation, settlement, or trial, but it is commonly understood that for an attorney’s career to really take off, he or she must find the time to be involved in the legal community outside of the courtroom, so to speak.
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Mobile WebsiteHave you ever used your phone to search the web? With the ever-expanding mobile market growing with each passing day, it’s important for businesses to realize that having a mobile website to help promote their brand is becoming more and more of a necessity. Aside from the obvious task of making sure that your mobile site properly loads on multiple mobile platforms (typically Apple’s iOS and Android operating systems) and even tablets (such as Apple’s iPad), there are a couple other things to keep in mind when building a mobile site.

For starters, remember to keep your branding consistent across all sites. If you have a logo, be sure to include it somewhere on your mobile site. If all of your websites use the same color pattern, be sure to emulate that pattern on your mobile site.
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What would you say if I told you that spending in a certain industry was going to increase more than six fold in the next four years? Aside from wanting to invest your money in this rapidly expanding industry, you’d more than likely want to know what kind of business is going to experience such tremendous growth. Well, in case you’re wondering, the expenditures for mobile advertising are expected to total $20.6 billion in 2015. This year, those totals are projected to top out at a mere $3.3 billion.

For those of you who may have missed part one of our two part series on the importance of mobile websites in marketing, allow me reiterate. Mobile legal Internet marketing may not seem important today, but it is becoming more and more essential with each new model of iPhone and Droid phone that hits the market. People are utilizing their mobile phones in a much greater variety of ways than they were just a few years ago, and smart phones are becoming a common tool in the world of Internet search.
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Simply having a legal website just doesn’t cut it anymore. With more and more law firms catching on about the benefits of having a well-constructed website and a strong legal Internet marketing plan, the competition just got tougher. But who doesn’t like a good challenge?

When developing ways to increase your website conversation rates, one of the first things to think about is how to make your website more appealing to search engines. Doing this will ultimately make your website and your services more appealing to potential clients: they’ll be able to easily find you because you’ll be on the first page. In addition, with a well constructed website, the search engines will include the links to your site that you want visitors to navigate to.
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SLS Consulting, an established and respected boutique legal internet marketing consulting group located in South Pasadena, California, is honored to be celebrating 10 years in business. To mark this very special occasion, SLS Consulting is proud to announce the launch of its brand new website, which can be viewed at:

The team of marketing professionals at SLS Consulting that President and founder of the company, Susan L. Sipe, has trained and assembled, are pioneers in the internet marketing field. With Susan’s lead, their efforts have helped countless firms build personalized strategic marketing plans aimed at increasing client development. SLS’s unique approach to internet marketing includes offering exclusivity to our valued clients based on their geographic location and area of expertise.

With the launch of its brand new website at:, SLS Consulting offers legal professionals a new hub for exploring all of the custom services that their firm has to offer. Whether they are looking for a tutorial on the A-B-C’s of search engine marketing, an example of SLS’s certified results in search engine placement, or testimonials from attorneys who have benefited from partnering with SLS; the new website is an exciting addition to SLS’s impressive stable of assets.
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By now, most Web-savvy people in the legal world, or any industry for that matter, are familiar with the importance of social marketing. They understand that social marketing not only enhances the effectiveness of other legal Internet marketing strategies but far more importantly, it allows them to receive feedback from and interact with their site’s visitors and target audience. Social marketing provides a practical way to share information. However, the owners of sites and their Internet marketing consultant need to be very careful about how this information is dispensed. Web users are becoming increasingly sophisticated at discerning useful social marketing content provided for their benefit or entertainment from attempts to manipulate their purchasing decisions via social marketing methods. In order achieve its goals, social marketing strategies must have merit and something useful to contribute to the social networking communities that is serves.

To that end, here are some social networking ideas to keep in mind that will help you through the current economy and set you up for success when it recovers:

  • Keep it real! – As previously mentioned, Web users are quite astute at discerning genuine efforts to contribute to the community from fake attempts to manipulate them and can employ the power of social networking to ‘call out’ fakes. This is illustrated by a recent incident where some popular Twitterers were outed for taking cash in exchange for product recommendations in their tweets. This created an outrage among Twitter users, and the backlash sullied the reputations of the Twitterers and the products they were shilling for.
  • Create your own community and engage your readers – Blog posts rank well in search results, give readers a reason to check your site often, provide interesting and useful information and create a sense of community among your readers. Consider adding a blog to your site with posts written by you, your legal Internet marketing consultant or a mix or both.

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The old saying that “bad news travels fast,” has never seemed more relevant than it does in the Information Age. These days, a legal professional’s reputation not only can precede him or her, it can also directly influence a potential client’s decision to contact or not contact him or her. The rising popularity of Web sites that allow people to share their positive or negative experiences with products or professionals of any stripe makes it easy for people to share their opinions. Those opinions, whether based on fact or not, show up in search results and can have a profound impact on the success of a law firm or legal professional.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of proactive reputation management tips that are inexpensive, enhance the effectiveness of other legal Internet marketing techniques, and allow legal professionals to take charge of their reputation management. These tips for lawyers include:

  • Harness the power of social marketing – Social marketing sites are becoming increasingly relevant for any lawyer’s or law firm’s Internet marketing. Consider creating profiles for yourself and/or your law firm on social networking sites that cater to legal professionals as well as the heavyweights like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Host informational videos on your site – Consider hosting informational videos on your legal Web site that address some of the questions your clients often ask you about. These add value to your site, engage your site’s visitors and also rank well in search results!
  • Add a legal blog to your site – Whether you write the legal blog’s posts yourself or have your legal Internet marketing company compose them for you, they benefit your site, rank well in search results, and allow you to address topical issues in the legal industry and provide valuable information to your site’s visitors and potential clients.

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Many clients in a hurry to have their legal Web site up and running overlook the importance of the site’s infrastructure in terms of site performance, ease of use, navigation, ranking opportunities and other important considerations. They care a great deal about page layout, color scheme, cool Flash animations, how the site reflects the professionalism of their law firm and other cosmetic features of their site, but are less concerned about the actual ‘nuts and bolts’ aspect of their site.

In many ways, a Web site’s infrastructure in analogous to a house in that it can look great from the outside but, unless it has been built to withstand a wide range of different environmental pressures, it will not last or provide its intended benefits. From a legal Internet marketing standpoint, unless a site is designed and built to rank well and perform well from the very beginning of the project, it will never achieve its goals or provide the proper foundation for the success of any legal Internet marketing strategies. Here are a few reasons why your legal Web site’s infrastructure is so important:

  • It ensures that your site loads quickly in all browsers and traffic conditions – Good site infrastructure will ensure that you legal site loads quickly and properly when viewed through any browser and in high traffic conditions. A site that looks great in one browser but displays broken features in another will turn off site visitors and reflect poorly on your practice.
  • Makes it easier for Google and other search engines to index your site – Sites built with clean, uncluttered code are easier for Google and the other search engines to index, which is a bigger deal than you may think. The indexing algorithms are designed to ‘remember’ which sites are difficult to ‘crawl’ and therefore index their contents less often, which affects placement in search results.

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