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For most business professionals, having a LinkedIn profile is fairly commonplace. Taking the form of an online resume, LinkedIn serves a valuable purpose in that it not only gives others insight into your background, but it also allows you to connect with other industry leaders. Aside from individual profiles though, LinkedIn also offers the creation of company pages.

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At this point in time, LinkedIn Company pages are pretty minimal. LinkedIn allows you to connect your company profile with your blog, post job listings, offer descriptions of your various services, and even links to individual employees at your company who have indicated on their Linkedin profiles that they work at your company. While the job listing option is certainly practical if you are looking to hire new employees, it’s not terribly useful when it comes to SEO and establishing a well-rounded social media presence on the Internet. With that mind, be sure to take advantage of the other areas of LinkedIn’s Company pages:

  • Be sure to highlight your Services using keywords that you want your company to rank for…remember, LinkedIn Company pages are public, and therefore indexed by search engines.
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LinkedIn and how attorneys can best utilize this important social networking site was the topic of SLS’s most recent tweetup. Along with a few other participants, the SLS Consulting team discussed and shared several valuable tips.

Many people fail to see that LinkedIn can be a critical component of a legal marketing strategy, and simply pass it off as another Facebook. This is nowhere near true, and for attorneys particularly, it is a place business professionals can establish themselves as an authority in their field. LinkedIn also offers attorneys and other professionals a place to interact with one another, which may result in referrals.
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