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In the world of legal Internet marketing, law firms and attorneys are constantly seeking ways to improve their rankings and achieve a solid online authority to surpass their competition and stay on top. Link building for law firms often comes up as a way to do this. However, it is not the only way and it can be harmful to think of it in this regard. In Part 1 of our blog series, we discussed the first 5 myths about link building. Here, we wrap it up with the remaining top myths, 6-10, about building links:

Myth #6: It’s easy to see all the links that count towards rankings– A website can claim to have thousands of incoming links, but these links could be ones that Google has discounted. The links you see through various online tools are not always explicitly “Google approved” links. While you can check to see if a link displays itself in Google, you may only see some of the links that count. Although having an idea of the big picture can be beneficial in understanding your rankings and what next steps to take, you may not know what really counts towards your search engine results.
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What you see isn’t always what you get when it comes to links. We know you hear and read a lot about the importance of incoming links and how to get them. In our 2-part blog series, we will cover the top 10 myths about link building that every attorney should know. Here are the first 5 to get you started:

Myth #1: Link building is fast and cheap – This is the big red flag that says, “SCAM.” If a company promises you fast and cheap services to build links, run! Effective link building is not fast, cheap or easy. It doesn’t have to be costly, but it takes time and can be challenging.
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Linking with reputable sites can win you points with the search engines, which highly prize viable networking achievements. However, if you’re careless about which sites you link to, you could run into trouble.

The Internet is awash with so-called “link farms” – shady services that offer to artificially inflate a site’s network in the hopes of fooling the search engines into thinking that the site is popular. While using link farms can actually yield some short-term gain, this process puts you at risk for getting de-listed by the search engines and thus ruining your online legal marketing efforts.
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