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At our most recent tweetup, the SLS Consulting team discussed press releases, and how, although the Internet has changed since they were first implemented, they still play a critical part in every legal Internet marketing strategy.

These days, attorney press releases have to be carefully optimized, though not excessively, in order to rank well in search engines for relevant keywords and terms. Having an optimized press release gives a website valuable backlinks for credible news sites, which only serves to further increase the ranking of the website for those keywords. Press releases also have long-term SEO value since they are indexed and maintained on third-party sites. It is an important distinction to make that press releases are not blogs; rather, they are more extensive and focus more on unique, newsworthy items, while blogs tend to be more general interest and information pieces.
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For our sixth weekly tweetup, held on August 5, the SLS Consulting team discussed the popular social networking platform Facebook, as well as using it as a part of an effective marketing strategy for attorneys, law firms, and other businesses.

Many attorneys balk at the idea of marketing themselves or their law firm on Facebook, but doing so can be incredibly valuable. Having a Facebook Page provides an opportunity to highlight the firm’s strengths, facilitate discussion by sharing interesting articles relating to the community or law, as well as a place to interact with others, which is critical.
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On July 29, the team here at SLS Consulting hosted our fifth tweetup, an ongoing discussion on Twitter that discusses key issues that relate to attorneys and Internet marketing. For our fifth tweetup, we talked about blogging, and why so many attorneys are resistant to the idea of blogging-and why that opposition should be overcome.

There are many benefits to an attorney or law firm blog. In addition to building links and helping web content get indexed, blogging can showcase how much experience an attorney has in their area of law. However, lawyers need to take care not to overwhelm readers with legal jargon. Blogging provides attorneys with the opportunity of disclose legal information in a less formal way. Having a blog also offers lawyers with the chance to discuss other relevant issues pertaining to their area of law, in addition to talking about local issues, firm news, and more. Blog comments from users also supply attorneys with a place in which they can have an honest discussion and a place to respond to feedback, negative or positive. This discussion can also cause users to return to your blog, which is the ultimate goal of a blog.
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During our most recent weekly tweetup, the knowledgeable team here at SLS Consulting continued to discuss important issues relating to Internet marketing. Specifically, we talked about web content, and why it’s an important part of websites and online marketing strategies that can often be overlooked.

There’s been a lot of chatter about content recently, particularly since Google’s most recent algorithm change, Panda. Such search engine algorithm changes serve as a reminder that well written content is king; not content that is stuffed full of keywords and isn’t written with a target audience in mind. We also covered how content helps in establishing yourself as an attorney and/or your law firm as an authoritative figure by boosting search engine rankings and business. In addition, we discussed several helpful tips in making content more appealing to readers. We talked about the most beneficial way to add new content, and how to draw readers in with your new content by using the “social media cycle”: sharing it on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
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In case you haven’t already heard, we here at SLS Consulting have been hosting a weekly tweetup to discuss SEO, blogging, social media, and more in relation to lawyers as well as in general.

For our second tweetup, we decided to exclusively discuss the many issues facing attorneys and law firms when it comes to Internet marketing. For many, social media is seen as being for younger audiences, and some don’t realize there is great value in engaging with such a large audience participating in social networking. We also covered the pros and cons of using accident victims’ names in blogs, which is a controversial topic in the legal community. We talked about whether it appears as though Google+ can benefit attorneys while the social media platform is in its beginning stages, and discussed why law firms and attorneys should have a mobile site for their website. Lastly, we talked about how press releases, typically seen as “old school,” fit into today’s fast-paced, social media-heavy marketing plans.
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At SLS Consulting, we are always striving to connect with our audience and stay on top of the latest Internet marketing trends in relation to social media, blogging, web content, and more, particularly in regards to attorneys and law firms. While legal Internet marketing is a unique niche and we certainly have extensive knowledge in that field, our work experience also grants us a high level of general expertise that can be applicable to others outside of the legal realm.

It was this understanding and our desire to interact with a broader audience that led us to establish a weekly tweetup. For the past few weeks, well-informed members of our staff have been on hand to discuss issues relating to search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook and Twitter, blogging, content, and more. We have been joined by several others, both inside and outside the legal community, and we look forward to others participating with us in the future.
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