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In the past several months, the video application known as Vine, which is the latest addition to Twitter, has become an increasing presence on the social media website. And while many individuals have used Vine to make fun short videos, (Vine videos only run a maximum of six seconds) companies have also begun to use the application for Twitter marketing.

But is it the right marketing tool for your company?

Like Tweets, Vine videos are informal in nature. Videos are taken via a smart phone and can be comprised of as many clips as the user wants, with or without sound. While these videos are short, users can play around with them to create a variety of looks and feels. Some users have taken up the entire six seconds with one shot, and others have used rapidly edited clips to create a stop motion feel.

These videos cannot be edited after being shot, which gives them a more rough and informal feel than professional videos in other mediums. However, that does not mean that businesses looking to market themselves with the help of Vine should shoot without a plan.
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Of the many social media networks available, Twitter is extremely unique, allowing individuals, businesses, organizations, and media outlets of all kinds to express themselves and let their voice be heard in 140 characters or less.business_4941834.jpg

Twitter is ever-increasing in popularity and can certainly be a valuable marketing tool for all businesses, big or small. As a law firm, increasing your visibility on the Internet is vital in order to reach potential clients and make an impact on your colleagues, and as such, improving your interaction on this viable social networking platform is essential to making the most of your time and applying effective strategies.
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A day in the life of a lawyer is never finished; there is always something that needs to be done. Who has time for social media?supreme_court_7104014.jpg

It’s true that social media is time consuming, but it’s more about remembering to stay active on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Avvo, just to name a few, and implementing these platforms into your daily routine when you’re already online anyway checking email. It pays to spend time on social media, especially for lawyers, since most social media platforms don’t cost you anything and are easy to use – think of it as an opportunity for free advertising! And, with most social media sites having mobile accessibility, using these platforms is all the more convenient for your on-the-go schedule.
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What is your company doing on Twitter these days? Business Twitter

If you’re posting about your industry, talking about industry events you’ve attended lately, or regularly interacting with other Twitter users while acting as an authority in your industry, you’re on the right track. However, have you ever thought about other ways that you can utilize the micro-blogging service to help promote your business?

There are a variety of ways that a business can use Twitter to help promote their brand. Just like on other social media sites, photos and links to videos can be posted to your Twitter feed. Generally speaking, both photos and videos are clicked on and viewed more often than posts merely containing text. However, posting links to specific pages on your website or new blog posts is also a popular strategy. By directing people to your primary branding source (your website), you are not only exposing them to more information about your company, but are increasing the likelihood of retaining new clients via interaction initiated on one of your social media sites (Twitter).

Another strategy that you might want to try out is the Twitter-View, an updated take on a traditional interview that can help highlight the accomplishments or biographical information of one or all employees at your company. By posting a Twitter-View on your Twitter feed, you are accomplishing two important things:

  1. You are promoting your brand through an individual employee, hopefully linking back to that employee’s other company related social media profiles; and
  2. You are being an active Twitter user, populating your Twitter feed with posts and showing your followers and potential followers that your account is worth paying attention to because you regularly post to it.

Social Networking for Business

A Twitter-View can utilize a unique hashtag in order to be easily searched within Twitter, and is a slightly different approach than the traditional 140-character post.
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Are you on Twitter? Did you know that for even the least social person in the world, Twitter is a great place to interact with other users and post links to your own work? And did you also know that, as an attorney, there are many people that may turn to your legal prowess on Twitter during their time of need? In you answered “no” to any of those questions, you’re unfortunately missing out on one of the best ways to promote your online brand, and interact with others who have already done a good job of marketing themselves.

Twitter is the world’s most recognizable micro-blogging service. In 140 characters or less, users are able to talk about anything they want, and are even allowed to post shortened URLs to web addresses that would otherwise be too long and cumbersome to include. Pictures can be posted, links to social media profiles can be shared, websites can be promoted, and links to blog articles can be automatically posted. Twitter users have “followers,” not “fans” or “friends.” Unlike Facebook, where users are likely to personally know the people whom they interact with, Twitter users generally follow individuals and companies whom they typically do not know in real life, but are interesting enough to subscribe to, nevertheless.
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“Hey! Didn’t you want to talk to us about legal Internet marketing the other day? You did? Great! Let’s Tweet-Up later…”

For those of you who may not be as well versed in Twitter-speak, a Tweet-Up is a virtual meet-up with friends/followers on the micro-blogging site, Twitter. The way it works is fairly simple. One Twitter user declares that he or she is going to be readily available on Twitter on a certain day and at a designated time. This Twitter user then serves as an administrator for online discussion about a particular topic, or variety of related topics. Other Twitter users can ask and answer questions during the Tweet-up, officially labeling themselves as part of the discussion by using a predetermined hashtag.

So, what does this mean as it pertains to legal Internet marketing for attorneys and law firms? Well, it represents an opportunity for attorneys to establish themselves as trusted authorities in their respective fields (and remember, with a maximum use of 140 characters, both the questions asked and their answers are rather limited in their scope). It allows attorneys to be interesting, personable, and even funny. In short, it helps establish a relationship between an attorney and his or her audience, which is the ultimate goal in creating a well rounded social networking presence on the web.
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When it comes to Twitter, there are generally two types of people: those who see the point, and those who don’t understand how it can possibly be useful, especially from a marketing standpoint. Rest assured, for those attorneys and law firms who currently use the micro blogging service, Twitter use will only benefit one’s marketing efforts.

Thanks to Twitter’s recent creation of the “Follow” button, it has now become much easier for lawyers and law firms to integrate the micro blogging service into their website marketing efforts. Whereas previous Twitter integration mainly consisted of “Tweeting” or sharing an article link from a third-party website to one’s own personal Twitter account, Twitter has now made it possible for website visitors to Follow companies and individuals straight from that third-party webpage. Basically, the Twitter Follow button now bridges the gap between an Internet user’s Twitter account and a law firm’s Twitter account. Now, if a company has a presence on Twitter, that company will be able to promote that presence with a simple Twitter plug-in on their primary marketing source. The new Follow button will allow Internet users to discover companies on Twitter without having to search Twitter’s website to do so.
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It’s easy for law firms and attorneys to underestimate the effectiveness of Twitter for their online marketing. Typically, most of the news about the social media site surrounds the antics of celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, and the like, so it’s understandable that many don’t see the value in using a Twitter account and tweets for marketing purposes. Recently, Hubspot released several statistics that help clarify and solidify the potential value of engaging with users on Twitter.

Did you know 75 million people use Twitter worldwide? While many may scoff at this number in comparison to Facebook’s 600 million users, there’s no denying the power of Twitter, whose users share information and actively participate with one another on a global scale. These users collectively generate approximately 140 million tweets per day in conversation. Twitter is a place where users are engaging with each other; whether it’s with friends, businesses, or celebrities. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of this dialogue?
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