Creativity and Online Content for Marketing, Not as Different as You Think

Pasadena Content DevelopmentFor many, the process of continually writing online content for a marketing campaign can be a draining task. While creating new content that has not been on a site before, or hopefully on any other site, is vital, a writer may feel like he or she is running out of topics or creative juices. If this is happening to you, do not be afraid, you are not alone.

However, do not let yourself simply accept the idea of running out of creativity or topics. This will lead to monotony, which in turn leads to bad writing, which can negatively impact the strength of a marketing campaign. But what can you do to get yourself out of this hole or prevent yourself from getting into it in the first place?

While there are no steadfast guidelines (this can kill creativity), there are some actions that you can take to improve your drive and the overall quality of your future work.

Think of Your Passions

There is a reason for why you have gotten yourself into the position of content writer. While these can vary widely from person to person, there are often unique passions that have led you to this point. Reflect on them and consider how you can feed into them with the work you are currently doing.

Look at Your Inspirations

Who or what inspires you to think and act more creatively? If it is a writer or artist, study his or her work and consider what it sparks within your mind. How are you going to be great if you do not study greatness? Remember, great works are not meant to be simply admired, but to be emulated. Strive toward making your content into something that will inspire others. This cycle of creativity can also be a consistent example for you in future work.

Examine Your Past Mistakes

You’ve made mistakes in your past work. Admit it. But what were they? Consider errors in grammar, syntax, style, and focus. Additionally, consider what mistakes you have made in choosing topics or language when it comes to writing for your audience. Now, what led you to make those choices? Were you in a rush? Distracted? Simply unaware of what was incorrect? Do not just review these errors, remember them in whatever way helps these lessons stick with you and have them inform what you are doing now.

Actively Think About the Creative Process

What is creativity and how have you been fulfilled in being creative previously? Great creativity combines both abstract thought and the insight that has come from experience. Find a balance between those two as you work toward clear goals.

Consider Your Audience’s Taste

Remember that, as a marketer, you are writing for an audience. While many other forms of creative writing are simply for an audience of one or none, your work can impact thousands or millions of people. Look back over what has been a success or failure and think about what your audience wants. This can be a destination for the winding path that is creativity.

Focus on the Positives

The constraints of a job and the monotony that may come with a work schedule can be seen as a burden over time to many. However, remember that in the vast, vast majority of work, these two factors are consistently present. Rather, focus on the positive aspects of your career. Are you helping others? Are you gaining new skills or deepening pre-existing ones? Set goals for yourself to reach and create a positive and enjoyable environment for yourself. Whether you realize it or not, this will show up in your writing.

Incorporate New Techniques

Consistently writing content can make many fall into a writing rut. When under a deadline, many will fall back on tried and true methods for getting the job done. However, these often result in a product that is “good enough,” but not great! Think of techniques that you have not used yet, or find new methods that can add variety to your writing. Importantly, carve out time for yourself to step back from your work and consider your writing and the ways you can improve it.

Quality Content = Quality Marketing

At SLS Consulting, we work toward creating content that not only works toward better search engine results, but is of a high quality. In today’s world of search engine optimization, great content is more important than ever. We provide ever client we serve with great written content, design, SEO work, and social media that is informed by years of experience. To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch with us by calling (323) 254-1510.

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