Do You LIKE Your Website?

Have you ever sat back and really looked at your website? Is it interesting? If it wasn’t yours, would you explore it? Is it easy to navigate? Does it provide pertinent information and invite viewers to contact you if they need more information?

Hopefully, you answered yes to all of those questions. If you didn’t though, an effective Internet marketing campaign can correct those issues.

Once you feel as though your site is interesting, you may want to consider adding a “Like Button” to it. What’s that? You have no idea what a “Like Button” is? Don’t worry; it’s pretty easy to explain.

With the huge popularity of social networking sites, attorneys and law firms would be wise to establish a strong social networking presence (in case you’re lost on how to do so, don’t worry…your legal Internet marketing company should be able to help you out). If you only pick one site to establish yourself on, Facebook should be it. Not only does the site have 500 million users worldwide, but it has essentially cornered the market on social interaction on the Internet, and is often the first place people go when they begin surfing the web.

As of late, a popular part of the Facebook experience involves the site’s Like Button. That is, when a Facebook user stumbles across something on the site that they find interesting, or like, that user can choose to “Like” it. The addition of this “Like” will post to the user’s Facebook Wall and their Newsfeed, which means that it will also show up on the user’s friends’ newsfeeds. Ultimately, the Like Button should be viewed as exposure, a chance for users to market your business even if they don’t realize that they’re doing it.

So, if you have a website that you like, why not add a Like Button to it? It’ll not only show up on Facebook, but it’ll include a link back to your website, increasing web traffic and the chance that a potential client in need of legal advice will find your site. But remember, unless your site is well designed and worth navigating around in, don’t add a Like button just for fun. You don’t want Facebook users to click a link to your site, be disappointed, and then mention to their friends how lame your site is. Social networks are, after all, giant forums for recommending and discovering cool new places on the Internet. Unless your site is up to par, you may want to forego the Like Button at this point. Never fear though, because site redesign is just a point and click away from becoming a reality.

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