Don’t Let Your Marketing Take a Vacation This Summer

Balancing Vacation and MarketingThe weather is heating up, the summer months are upon us, and vacation time is just around the corner. But remember, even though a lot of you are potentially going to be taking a week or two off this summer, that doesn’t mean that your law firm’s marketing efforts need to shut down all together. Your legal marketing campaign should constantly be moving forward, and there are ways to ensure that it doesn’t fall by the wayside while you’re sitting poolside.

Automating new posts to your blog and social media sites can be an effective way to maintain your brand’s posting patterns and keep your audience interested. Whether you’re using a social media aggregator like HootSuite or Twitterfeed, or you’ve scheduled new content to go live via your blog site’s posting options, being prepared to post new content while you’re away is always a good idea. Just think of it this way. Before leaving the office for an extended period of time (i.e. vacation), many people set up an autoreply for their email account. So, for those people who don’t necessarily email you, but who visit your blog and social media sites on a regular basis looking for new information about your law firm, the ideal way to auto-reply to them, even while you’re away, is by scheduling new posts.

If you’re the type of person who just can’t get away from it all, and who absolutely NEEDS to stay up-to-date on your legal marketing online, one way to stay privy to what your fans, followers, and subscribers are saying about you is to add social media applications to your smart phone. This way, you can keep tabs on any new conversations that are being had regarding your brand, and even reply back to your fans if you’re inclined to do so. And if you’re willing to share with your audience that you’re actually on vacation, you could also snap a picture or two with your phone and send them to your Facebook fan page, Twitter account, or even hold them over to add to a vacation themed blog post.

While it’s important to take some time off from work every now and then, it’s also important to remember that your business never takes a break, or at least it never should take a break. Though many people dislike the idea of automating posts, it can come in very handy for any business that may not have as much time as it likes to write new blog posts and create fresh content for social media sites. But, think of automated posts kind of as an extension of your vacation: even though you’re physically away from your business, your brand’s message can still find its way out to the masses.

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