Facebook and Attorneys: Is There Such a Thing as Facebook Etiquette?

For our sixth weekly tweetup, held on August 5, the SLS Consulting team discussed the popular social networking platform Facebook, as well as using it as a part of an effective marketing strategy for attorneys, law firms, and other businesses.

Many attorneys balk at the idea of marketing themselves or their law firm on Facebook, but doing so can be incredibly valuable. Having a Facebook Page provides an opportunity to highlight the firm’s strengths, facilitate discussion by sharing interesting articles relating to the community or law, as well as a place to interact with others, which is critical.

Facebook users are looking to interact with a real person behind a business, so it is of vital importance that Facebook Pages be real, and not just a place to automate your blog posts and only talk about your law firm. It’s also important for lawyers to address comments made on their Facebook Page, whether good or bad. Responding to negative comments can speak volumes about them as a person and of their law firm. In our tweetup, we also touched on several unique ways lawyers can interact with users on Facebook, as well as some do’s and don’ts when it comes to etiquette.

If you’d like to read the transcript of this tweetup, as well as learn more about how to market your law firm on Facebook, you can visit the SLS Consulting Facebook page or reach out to us on Twitter. We’re tweeting from the @LegalBlogs account.

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