Forming Strong Bonds and Future Business through Humanizing Your Brand

In the struggle to market your brand and continually expand your company’s influence, it can be easy to forget that the key to success is personal interaction with consumers. Above all, consumers want to interact with real people, not a faceless corporation or marketing machine. In both consumer interactions and the way you present your brand as a whole, remember to bring a recognizable human element that helps consumers bond with your brand.


What’s Your Brand’s Story?
One of the most simple yet effective steps is to create an about us page on all websites you may be using that not only tells visitors about your goals and focus as a brand, but your history and any fun personal details that let consumers get a quick snap shot of your workers. Additionally, let humor be a normal, but not forced, aspect of your content, especially in social media where a casual atmosphere is much more common. This can show that your brand wants to relate to people and will take the business-focused edge off of your content.

No One’s Perfect…
If, and when, your brand makes a mistake, don’t cover it up or shift blame, take responsibility and move forward when appropriate. By not taking your brand too seriously in the right context, you’ll be able to face these mistakes and possibly poke fun at them.

Getting Personal is Relatable
Finally, let consumers actually see the employees of your brand through personal pages, social media accounts, photos, and video. Your company is not run by machines, but if consumers never see the people who make your company work, they may begin to believe it. Each employee has a unique voice, let that show through in appropriate contexts so that consumers will be able to relate to each other and, in turn, your company as a whole.

Bridge the Gap between Your Brand and Consumers
At SLS Consulting, we understand that brand development isn’t simply a matter of ranking well in search engines, but also creating a strong and relatable bond with consumers. We work to create both new and lasting relationships with consumers so that your brand can not only thrive in its immediate growth, but in its long-term plans.

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