Free Web Tools For Attorneys

Time is money, and more often than not, attorneys want more of both! Luckily, there are plenty of low-cost and effective tools lawyers can use to leverage the Web and generate more traffic, leads, and clientele. Remember, the only limits to the Web are the time and energy you invest in it! Here are a few of my favorites:

Google Local Business Search (

Is your business listed in Google’s local service? Don’t know? Just search for your firm name. If it doesn’t show up as the first Google result with a Google map widget and a small description of your firm, never fear. You can get listed on Google’s local business search in moments…and it’s free! Just tell them your website, firm name, address, and fill in a few simple forms, click a verify button, and in mere days you’ll have a Web listing that could drive more traffic to your site — and more clients to your door.

LinkedIn (

Who has time for yet another social media gadget? If that’s your thinking about LinkedIn, consider changing your tune. By linking to clients and colleagues on this easy-to-use professional tool, you can advertise your business for free, gather testimonials, and leverage the connections of your existing contacts. There’s a reason LinkedIn’s reputation is the best in the business: use it to your advantage.

LifeHacker (

Do you really need to look at yet another site that purports to make your life easier? In the case of LifeHacker, well, yes you do. The site is a well-curated mishmash of productivity tips, Web-related news, and plenty of business savvy that can boost you through a hard day, point you to the newest tips and trends, and make life a bit simpler.

What are your favorite Web tools?

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