Getting the Ball Rolling: Our First Tweetup

At SLS Consulting, we are always striving to connect with our audience and stay on top of the latest Internet marketing trends in relation to social media, blogging, web content, and more, particularly in regards to attorneys and law firms. While legal Internet marketing is a unique niche and we certainly have extensive knowledge in that field, our work experience also grants us a high level of general expertise that can be applicable to others outside of the legal realm.

It was this understanding and our desire to interact with a broader audience that led us to establish a weekly tweetup. For the past few weeks, well-informed members of our staff have been on hand to discuss issues relating to search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook and Twitter, blogging, content, and more. We have been joined by several others, both inside and outside the legal community, and we look forward to others participating with us in the future.

For our first tweetup, we discussed the challenges in attorney Internet marketing; specifically, finding the perfect balance in staying true to the legal world while incorporating effective SEO that is both reader and search engine friendly. We talked about the reasons why some lawyers have been so resistant to blogging and social media. We also talked about the importance of involving yourself in not just one social media platform, but many; while keeping in mind which platform your target audience spends their time on. Additionally, we discussed ways of making blogs, in general, not just law firm blogs, more interesting and engaging.

To read our tweetup on this topic in its entirety, please visit our Facebook page. If you want to participate in our discussions, join us on Twitter at @LegalBlogs every Friday at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and use #knowSEO with your tweets!

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