Have You Come Across Anything Pinteresting Recently on the Internet?

business-5408249.jpgNowadays, it seems as though a new social media site pops up every couple of months or so. At one point, Liking, Tweeting, and +1ing were all the latest social media crazes. Lately though, it’s all about Pinning. But, as with all social media sites, will businesses and brands be able to incorporate pinning into their online marketing campaigns?

Pinterest, a photo sharing site that can easily be set up to work in tandem with other popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, works in the exact way in which its name implies. Site users essentially “pin” images that they find of “interest” to their profiles. Like other social media sites, individuals can connect with, or follow, the profiles of their friends and other people whom they share similar interests with. However, while such a site certainly has its merits for the typical Internet user, businesses can only wonder whether or not having a presence on Pinterest will benefit their marketing campaigns.

In order for a business to determine whether or not creating a profile will benefit its marketing campaign, it need only ask one question: will we be active on this social network? For companies and brands, activity on social networking accounts is typically of primary concern, especially since conversation on social media sites tends to move rather quickly. So, regardless what type of business is contemplating whether or not to create a Pinterest account, the first thing that should be determined is whether or not there is enough time and manpower to commit to appropriately managing another social networking site. If the answer is yes, the company or brand should then ask whether or not posting images is even pertinent to its business. For example, a florist could certainly benefit by posting pictures of its arrangements, whereas an attorney would have little to choose from in terms of types of pictures that could even (tastefully) be posted.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing which social sites your company should have a presence on, you need to determine whether not you will:

  • Have enough time to devote to another social media site, and
  • Ask yourself whether or not the social site will help your company gets its message across/promote is products.

And remember, even though a social site such a Pinterest may not seem as though it can effectively be used in your company’s Internet marketing campaign, there are always ways to creatively incorporate any social media site into one’s marketing efforts.

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