Having Difficulty Finding Legal Blog Topics? Quora Has Some Answers

Blogging for AttorneysThere are many ways a business tries to connect with their target audience to address their concerns and answer their questions before they even ask them. One of these methods is by way of a blog. For law firms, a legal blog can be the perfect platform to provide potential clients with quality information, both legal and general. But how can you write informative posts that answer potential clients’ questions if you don’t ask them? Ask Quora.

What is Quora?
Quora is a platform where people can find, collect, and share information about topics important to them. It is also where a person can see what questions people are asking about a given topic, which is where Quora is especially useful for bloggers.


How Quora Can Help
If you’ve hit bloggers block, it does not mean there aren’t any more topics, it just means you’re too close to the content to think of what else you haven’t covered. Writing about relevant topics is essential to connecting to your target audience, and Quora can help you make sure you don’t miss anything your potential clients may consider important. If you’re out of ideas, submit a query into Quora. Even if you search for a topic you’ve already touched on, you will be able to see all the questions people have concerning that topic. You can then take those questions and develop blog titles and blog content to answer them. If one person has a question, somebody else probably does to.

Ultimately, by using Quora, you can ensure that your blog content is actually directed toward a specific audience and that is the type of content that generates leads.

Just One More Deck to the Marketing House of Cards
Relevant blog content (and thus relevant links) is just one more aspect of a successful Internet marketing campaign. Combined with social media, innovative web design, and effective SEO strategies, relevant blog content can help a law firm effectively reach their target audience. For additional information on how an effective Internet marketing campaign can help you, contact SLS Consulting for a free growth assessment at (323) 254-1510

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