Hollywood Films Mean Businesses Should No Longer Ignore Social Networking

If you’ve seen a movie lately or read the entertainment section of your local newspaper, you’re probably aware that “The Social Network” will soon be hitting theaters. Basically, the movie centers-around the dealings pertaining to the founding of Facebook. Although it is admittedly a dramatization of how the social networking company was actually created, it still represents Hollywood’s first foray into basing a movie on social networking. And it may not be the last, particularly since the rights to Ken Auletta’s “Googled: The End of the World as We Know It” were recently acquired by two producers.

You may be asking what this has to do with law firms. Well, the Facebook and eventual Google films may not directly have much to do with the practice of law, but they do represent how mainstream social networking has become over the last few years. Who would have thought five years ago that Hollywood would be making a movie about a website started out for college students? Who would have thought that such a site would eventually eclipse over a million users, then ten million users, then well over one hundred million users? If anything, these films should represent how important social networking has become in our society. For law firms, social networks should represent a means of getting your expertise out to the masses, establishing yourself as an authority on a particular type of law, and indirectly influencing the users whom you interact with to spread your message to their friends, particularly those who may need legal advice.

A sound legal Internet marketing strategy includes not only an eye-popping website, but a website that is properly built as well. Exposure on social networks and blog forums is also necessary to help get your message across, as are proper use of keywords and search engine optimization. If your legal website isn’t doing all it can to get its name out there, it might be best to rethink your legal Internet marketing plan. With social networking now a mainstream part of society, it’s never been more important to make sure that you have an online presence where Internet users, followers, fans, friends, and connections want to be and can easily find you.

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