How Attorneys Can Highlight Successes on their Website to Stand Out from the Rest

What makes you unique as a lawyer? How does your law practice differ from all the others in your field, your city, and your state?

These may seem like basic questions, but they are important to ask. Once you have the answers, use them. The best place to start is on your website; after all, it’s one of the first places potential clients will “see” you and it’s your chance to make a lasting first impression so they pick up the phone and call you.

gavel-flag-6259367.jpgWhat You Can Do
Not to discount the tremendous skill, knowledge, time, and effort that go into handling cases through deposition, mediation, settlement, or trial, but it is commonly understood that for an attorney’s career to really take off, he or she must find the time to be involved in the legal community outside of the courtroom, so to speak.

Whether it’s giving lectures, teaching a course, attending seminars, or becoming a member of a prestigious legal organization, an attorney’s hard work doesn’t stop with cases. Taking the time and finding a way to most effectively share these involvements, contributions, and successes is an important part of a legal Internet marketing campaign that goes unnoticed far too often.

How to Show Yourself Off
Let’s take a closer look at highlighting your unique characteristics online as a lawyer with an example. There are handfuls of Long Beach personal injury lawyers. However, Joseph H. Low stands out from the rest in a simple, but precise way. On Mr. Low’s website,, the home page features lectures and seminars that he leads with a link taking visitors to a page with more details about each event: Mr. Low has made the time and put in the effort to teach Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit courses for attorneys. How else would you know this unless you attended one of his course’s yourself, saw a website newsletter flyer about it, or read about it on Mr. Low’s website?

Why You Should Do It
Choosing a lawyer is a big decision. If a person visiting your site sees that you go above and beyond by being an instructor or leading speaking engagements to share your knowledge and that others rely on you for this information, then that’s another way for you to use your website to highlight your uniqueness and reputation.

If you’re going to take away one thing from this example, and this blog post, let it be that it’s vital to be involved in events and activities outside of the courtroom; however, don’t just do it and then walk away. Make sure you have tangible representation of your involvement in speaking events so others can learn more and see how you’re different than other lawyers.

Your legal website is the perfect place for you to shine. There are tasteful and advantageous ways to highlight your accomplishments and unique characteristics so that visitors will no longer be in doubt as to who they want handling their case.

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