How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes Made by Attorneys and Law Firms

Facebook has become an integral part of the way businesses, including law firms, communicate with their audience and establish an online community. Whether a law firm is large or small, there is no denying the power this social networking site wields and the far-reaching impact it can have. However, many law firms, particularly the smaller ones, are still struggling when it comes to marketing themselves on Facebook. A recent article on Mashable discussed the top 5 mistakes made by small businesses when using Facebook for marketing. Read on for the first in a two-part series on what mistakes you should be sure your law firm avoids making.

  1. “Broadcasting” your message rather than giving your fans content that is relevant and engaging.
    One of the wonderful things about Facebook is that it enables businesses of any size to employ word-of-mouth marketing that is effective. However, one of the cornerstones of Facebook is authenticity. If a law firm or practicing attorney fails to be authentic or engage with its fans in a way that doesn’t feel genuine; users see right through it and immediately lose interest. Facebook should be a place where a law firm is constantly interacting with and engaging fans; it’s not just a place to continuously broadcast the same message. When a user clicks the “Like” button, they’re looking for a connection, and it’s a law firm’s job to give them a reason to stay connected. Many law firms and various other businesses fail to recognize this and instead focus on how Facebook can make them money through connecting with potential clients.
  2. Failing to invest adequate time into a Facebook marketing strategy.
    Another common mistake made by attorneys and law firms is underestimating the amount of time it takes to create and implement a successful Facebook marketing strategy. And who could blame you! Many people (wrongly) assume that simply setting up a Page on Facebook is all they need to do, thinking people will naturally migrate to their Page. Unlike traditional advertising, Facebook doesn’t just run a course-many steps are involved, and the Page needs to be constantly monitored and updated.
  3. Being boring and/or predictable-both should be avoided!
    Too often, law firms and businesses forget that Facebook is a place where people share content they find interesting and relevant to their friends. Facebook is a social place-think about what content your target audience would want to share when you are planning your posts to your Page.

Law firms also need to avoid becoming too predictable; whether it’s sharing videos, photos, or simply updating your status as opposed to mixing it up. The moment things become too predictable, fans will hide the Page from their feed, or un-“Like” a Page. Keep things varied and try to be as personal as possible.

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