How Can Easy-to-Navigate Attorney Website Design Improve Your Online Presence?

There are many elements of law firm website design that businesses must consider when pursuing online success, and while some aspects, such as being pleasing to the eye and easy to read readily come to mind, there are deeper aspects of functionality that play a large role in success. Among these, having an easily searchable website can improve your law firm’s online presence in multiple areas, some that you may not currently know.

Drawing in Visitors
First-time visitors to a website can easily become lost, even if they have come to the site with a specific purpose. In order to prevent your visitors from getting lost, and then likely leaving the site altogether, giving them the ability to easily search your site will help them to find the information they need. While there are many ways that search functions can be integrated into the site, it is best that users can easily find the search toolbar on any page. Additionally, searches should be able to lead them to the pages they are searching for with as little effort as possible and accurate search results. In essence, search functions on your website should work to draw visitors deeper into your website and encourage them to trust your business, not push them away.

Improving Your Online Rankings
Websites that are easy to search and navigate by visitors are also easy to navigate by search engines. The more fully a search engine can “crawl” your website, the more easily every web page on your site can be listed and ranked in search results. By using a site map on your website and properly designing your website’s links with a focus on search engine optimization (SEO), you can maximize your site’s ability to rank well and be found by those looking for the services your company provides. Through designing a site that has focus on both appealing to potential customers and search engines, you can make the most of your company’s web presence.

Improving Your Website, Improving Your Law Practice
The team at SLS Consulting is focused on improving clients’ online presence in all areas, with a focus on design, search engine optimization, and written content. Through custom legal website design, we create websites tailor-made for each legal law firm’s needs, providing easily searchable content and a dynamic and eye-catching design. To learn more about how our Internet marketing team can help, call (323) 254-1510 for a free growth assessment.

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