How Google Profiles Can Help Your Law Firm – Make it a Part of YOUR Social Strategy

As an attorney, you understand the value in making sure your name and the name of your firm favorably show up in Google searches. And it’s not just about names. Keywords that describe the area of law you practice in relation to location and your target audience are also important for search engine results.

If you don’t have a legal website, then you should strongly consider stepping out of the dark ages. There is no escaping the power or value of the Internet, no matter how much you try. Sure, you can advertise your services on TV, billboards, through the mail, or in the yellow pages, but as you write those bloated checks for such advertising…ask yourself WHY???? Ask yourself what people are using the most to find information quickly. Do you really think people start trying to figure out where they last saw that phone book that came ages ago? Answer: NO!!! Do they run outside and try to find a bus or billboard? Answer: NO!!! They sit down at their computer and SEARCH – mostly on Google.

If you’re savvy with legal Internet marketing, then you also know the importance of AVVO, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other forms of social media. But do you know about Google Profiles? Having a Google Profile is another (FREE) way for you as an attorney to create, manage, and have a public page on the Internet. The point of a Google Profile is to make it easier for people to find you and get to know you and/or your services. However, a Google Profile should not be used as an alternative to a website or social networking profile.

Google recently redesigned Google Profiles to have similar appearances as Facebook, with a large profile picture in the upper left-hand corner and a user can have a series of photos stretching across the top. Under this photo display, there is room for an introduction, employment/company information, education, and more. Users can also still include the links they are connected with and there is a separate tab for Buzz. One new feature to Google Profiles is the ability to control search visibility. While you may not want to block your profile page from getting indexed, having the option isn’t all that bad.

Since the rise of Facebook over recent years, Google has needed to creatively and productively elbow its way into the social media world. In a similar way, Facebook has done the same in relation to search, finding new ways to get Facebook users to stay on the social site to conduct searches instead of going to Google.

If Google has a social strategy, shouldn’t your law firm? At SLS Consulting, we have over 10 years of experience integrating custom attorney and law firm website design onto social media sites and blogs. Helping lawyers and law firms nationwide establish online authority and obtain high search engine visibility, we also create and manage social media sites to spread firm news and other important, timely matters relating to your areas of practice and location. Having a Google Profile is one of many ways to help your law firm grow online, create a community on the Web, and get more clients. Call us today to find out more.

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