How Law Firms Can Leverage Timely Events and Seasons for Content Marketing

With the sun-drenched summer season fast approaching, it is an excellent time to remind law firms across the country that the many seasons of the year present opportunities for content development and gaining legal blog (blawg) readership. Writing relevant, timely content is one of the most important things an attorney can do to create a more personal experience for website visitors and to connect with their target audience; therefore, crafting seasonal-related content can certainly increase website and blawg traffic as web users often search for various safety and prevention tips that directly correlate with a current or approaching season, holiday, or event.

The following are four tips for law firms to leverage the seasons throughout the year from winter to summer and everything in between, and also create seasonal specific content to gain readership.

  1. Identify opportunities and trends. First, recognize seasons, events, and trends when creating content. For example, if you are a personal injury attorney, Christmas may call for a blawg topic related to “winter home safety” or “children’s toy recalls”, and summer may warrant a blawg on “swimming pool accident prevention” or “safe boating tips”. The key is to identify what holidays or seasons your target audience may be searching for, and write blawgs accordingly.
  2. Organize your seasonal guide. Now that you have a list of seasons, holidays, and events you’d like to target, organize! You may also want to look into awareness days, weeks, and months as other areas that your content can focus on. Put the information onto a calendar for the year, and even set calendar reminders in advance as a timely reminder that seasonal topics and extra work will be needed around these times of year.
  3. Research. Your marketing team can conduct keyword research and build new Internet marketing campaigns throughout the year, which will utilize seasonal, holiday, and event opportunities to drive incremental results.
  4. Appeal to your audience. Don’t get too caught up in the event or season itself. You are writing for a reader who is looking for specific answers to specific questions during a time of need. Your content must provide those answers in an engaging and understandable way.

There are a number of things law firms can do to not only increase blog readership and website visitors, but also get new clients. By identifying the need for accident prevention insight, safety tips, or legal information with regard to the year’s holidays, events, and seasons, this can boost web traffic and gain new readers, all of which will ultimately increase a firm’s visibility and internet presence. Hot blawg topics that are relevant to a firm’s target audience are ripe for a search engine user’s picking, so consider the use of seasonal-related topics a brushstroke in your online marketing masterpiece.

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