How Much Do You Know About Web Content?

During our most recent weekly tweetup, the knowledgeable team here at SLS Consulting continued to discuss important issues relating to Internet marketing. Specifically, we talked about web content, and why it’s an important part of websites and online marketing strategies that can often be overlooked.

There’s been a lot of chatter about content recently, particularly since Google’s most recent algorithm change, Panda. Such search engine algorithm changes serve as a reminder that well written content is king; not content that is stuffed full of keywords and isn’t written with a target audience in mind. We also covered how content helps in establishing yourself as an attorney and/or your law firm as an authoritative figure by boosting search engine rankings and business. In addition, we discussed several helpful tips in making content more appealing to readers. We talked about the most beneficial way to add new content, and how to draw readers in with your new content by using the “social media cycle”: sharing it on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You can read the transcript of this tweetup in its entirety on our Facebook page. For our next tweetup, we’ll be conversing about blogging; and after that, we’ll get specific and share our knowledge and tips on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. To join us, find us on Twitter at @LegalBlogs every Friday at 10 a.m. PST! All you need to do is include #knowSEO on your tweets, ask questions, and respond to what we and others ask. We hope we will be talking with you soon!

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