How Social Media Statistics Can Help Enhance Your Company’s Marketing Strategy

Marketing in the digital age offers individuals, businesses, and companies alike a host of e-opportunities to market their products or services and reach their target audience. Social media is one such twenty-first century outlet which, if utilized successfully, can boost website viewership and increase your consumer base. As such, understanding social media trends and how Internet users actually use social media can be beneficial for a company’s own marketing strategies.


With this in mind, the following are three interesting social media related-statistics highlighted by BostInno and tips on how to utilize this data for the benefit of your own marketing plans and policies.

  1. Nielsen estimates that social media and blogs reach 80 percent of all active Internet users in the U.S. This fascinating stat reported by the Digital Buzz means that companies who aren’t blogging or active on social media are missing out on opportunities to strengthen brand awareness as well as relationships with customers, and identify potential prospects.Tip: Secure your place on social media and create a blog, but first determine what content and topics will be relevant for your target audience, also known as a content strategy.
  2. 91% of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic due to social media campaigns, with 79% generating more valuable leads. Courtesy of The Social Skinny, this statistic shows that with the appropriate resources and research, businesses and brands can optimize their social marketing performance and increase website traffic and leads.Tip: First, learn from the best in your industry and analyze and apply best practices. Also, find ways to creatively interact with your followers and fans, such as a contest with an exciting prize for the victor. Lastly, find out what people are interested in by finding online discussions that are relevant to your brand or services, and publish content that will tap into this interest.
  3. One in every seven minutes spent online is spent on Facebook. This remarkable piece of data from clearly conveys that Facebook welcomes a large, engaged audience, which presents a remarkable opportunity for marketers to share their message with visitors. But how do you properly capitalize on this opportunity?Tip: Companies and businesses may want to post on Facebook one to two times daily, and include media such as a photo or video which can increase the life of your content. Also encourage sharing on your posts which will indeed expand your social reach, so include a clear call-to-action and invite your fans to share the content with friends.

Excelling Your Online Success
Being aware of what your digital audience is actually doing online and understanding overall social media trends can significantly enhance your social media presence and performance. A solid social media footprint will ultimately help your business or firm reach new clients and consumers while also strengthening your relationships with current ones. Social media is one of the most innovative tools to implement into a marketing plan, and it can help a business yield extraordinary results. Thus, your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to get online and get active in the social media outlets of the Internet universe. The results will be out of this world!

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