How to Build an Effective Video Library for Your Legal Website

Whether you’re new to having an attorney website or you’ve had one for years, shooting and organizing videos can be a bit overwhelming, but it can also be fun and have long-term search engine optimization (SEO) value and appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Videos used to be the most underused type of content and social media, but video has grown in popularity over the last few years, especially with the reign of viral videos. If you haven’t shot videos for your law firm about information in the areas of your field, now’s the time to schedule some filming!

Organization is Key
St. Louis personal injury attorney John Page of Page Law has an extensive legal video library on his website,, which serves as a good example of an effective video library. While there are many options as to how to organize a video library, categorizing and separating the videos by practice area is a good first step. Although this blog post isn’t addressing the numerous points on how to shoot a video (we’ll save that for another time), you’ll see in the following video, which is the third video in a series of 10 on truck accidents in Missouri, that Mr. Page keeps it short and sweet, but is sure to reflect knowledge and confidence:

Think of Your Audience First
When constructing your video library, you have to think of your target audience and how website visitors will respond to what you provide. You want your video library to be easy to use and provide the answers to key questions your site visitors are seeking. A video library is like a giant web – all the topics start at one focal point (i.e. personal injury) and branch out to a specific area (i.e. truck accidents), then the specifics within that area (i.e. overloaded truck dangers), and so forth. It only takes one boring or uninformative video for your web to fall apart – make sure all the parts of the whole are strong.

What’s the Point?
The beauty of a legal video library is that you can always add to it. By adding new, informative, and relevant videos to your website, you’re giving the search engines fresh material to crawl and index, therefore adding more substance to your site as a whole.

An engaging and detailed video library will also help enhance your blog(s) and social networking accounts, especially Facebook and Twitter, because these are different platforms where you can post your video to hundreds, if not thousands, of people who will then hopefully share with others within their network.

Another benefit of videos on your website is that it helps to personalize and make visitors feel like they know you, therefore making you more approachable and easy to relate to. And let’s face it, not all website visitors feel like reading; they may prefer to watch a video.

Don’t Hold Back
Being shy is a common excuse for not wanting to do legal videos, but it’s also one that may end up significantly holding you back as far as online success goes. If you yourself don’t want to shoot the videos, then there has to be someone at your law firm who will, or maybe this will just have to be your opportunity to take on a new challenge to overcome.

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