How Would Your Blawg Perform Without Facebook? Why You Need to Branch Out

It’s difficult to find a law firm without a blawg, or legal blog, in a world where the Internet dominates marketing. It’s even becoming rarer to find a law firm without a Facebook fan page. One of the most fascinating things about Internet marketing is that when all the right efforts are being carried out and in line with one another, a giant web is formed that helps distribute, organize, and link relevant and effective content, thus driving more potential clients to a website.

For some Internet marketing companies, and even for some attorneys, there can be a preference or favoritism towards one type of marketing tool or social networking tactic. However, a recent Infographic on Soshable highlights our dependency on Facebook and a BlogWorld article challenges us to think outside the Facebook box for different ways to help promote our blogs.

This is not to say that you should stop promoting your blog on Facebook or Twitter. The point is that you could be missing out on gaining more readership and visitors to your blog by only sticking to these social media platforms to distribute your blog.

So how can you reach new readers for your blawg? Visit our blog again tomorrow to find out.

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