If it Sounds Too Good to Be True…

Then it probably is, right? Well, it depends.

If I were to tell you that our legal Internet marketing company can expand your client base and web presence through a visitor-friendly and informative website with SEO to help your firm get solid search engine rankings, you may have your doubts. However, you’d only have to take a peek at our client testimonials to see that SLS Consulting has done this time and time again.

But what about an email offering you a free service from an Internet company you’ve never heard of? This song has a different tune. Some attorneys, and most likely other businesses as well, have been receiving emails and contact form submissions offering a free listing and a meeting to “put a face with a name.” Many of these companies are even more than happy to personally deliver an authorization form directly to your office at a time that is convenient for you. Sounds wonderful, but most of these companies do not actually provide a business with a free listing unless it purchases their SEO services.

When an offer says that something is “free” and that there is “no catch”, it may not be that easy to refuse. However, it is probably a good idea to take a step back and evaluate whether what is being promised will actually be provided at no cost.

This is not to say that these companies do not provide effective services to their clients. The question though, is why a company would offer something free of charge that a business will end up paying for anyway. Do you really want a company in charge of your online brand and marketing to operate under false pretenses?

While you cannot always filter who sends you emails, these offers can be an eye-opening look into the different types of solicitations that often find a way through the system.

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