Important LinkedIn Tips for Attorneys

LinkedIn and how attorneys can best utilize this important social networking site was the topic of SLS’s most recent tweetup. Along with a few other participants, the SLS Consulting team discussed and shared several valuable tips.

Many people fail to see that LinkedIn can be a critical component of a legal marketing strategy, and simply pass it off as another Facebook. This is nowhere near true, and for attorneys particularly, it is a place business professionals can establish themselves as an authority in their field. LinkedIn also offers attorneys and other professionals a place to interact with one another, which may result in referrals.

Regarding best practices for attorneys using LinkedIn, several of the tips our team shared were the following:

  • If another language is spoken, have a profile in that language (a user is able to have their profile in more than one language)
  • Include blog posts, display Twitter updates, and include the firm’s AV rating on profile
  • Participate in industry networking
  • Keep an eye on competitors
  • Participate in relevant LinkedIn Groups & Answers to enhance credibility

Other suggestions were shared as well, in addition to discussing many of the most under-utilized aspects of a LinkedIn profile, and how attorneys can be sure not to forget these subtle, yet vital details that further enhance their profile. For example, many LinkedIn users use their names for their vanity URL, but they are not limited to doing so. Attorneys can use relevant keywords and phrases to help market their brand. For example, (obviously replace SLS with a location).

For many other LinkedIn tips, you can read the transcript of this tweetup, “Why Lawyers Should Like LinkedIn Lots,” on our Facebook page, or tweet at or direct message @LegalBlogs on Twitter.

During our next tweetup, we will be talking about press releases, and how they can be utilized by attorneys as part of their legal Internet marketing strategy! To join us, you can find us on Twitter on Friday at 10 a.m. PST. Just include #knowSEO with your tweets, and if you get lost, send us a direct message! See you there!

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