Is Advertising on Facebook Worth it for Your Business?

Social media marketing is a continually shifting field due to continual changes in demographics and policies from social media sites, which can make many businesses, including law firms, nervous about their current or future plans in these avenues. Over the last few months, many have become skeptical of whether or not promoting their business on Facebook is worth it. However, despite worries, advertising and marketing via Facebook is still valuable for your career as an attorney, you just have to find the right plan.

Major Companies and Facebook Advertising
On May 15, General Motors announced that it would be pulling its advertising from Facebook, calling it “ineffectual” according to The Wall Street Journal. GM spends approximately $40 million on marketing through Facebook, that’s right, $40 MILLION, $10 million of which is used for advertising while the rest is for content creation.

But this rather large denouncement of Facebook’s advertising has been offset by Ford and Chrysler, who have stated they will continue advertising on the site, with Ford stating, “We’ve found Facebook ads to be very effective when strategically combined with engagement, great content and innovative ways of storytelling, rather than treating them as a straight media buy.”

Anti-Facebook Sentiment and the Rest of the Social Media World
Much concern over the stability and lasting power of Facebook has been spurred on by the company’s initial public offering on the Nasdaq stock exchange, which could net $12.7 billion. Additionally, a recent poll by the Associated Press and CNBC found that 46% of participants believed Facebook would fade out over the coming years. Such sentiment can make any company worried, but there are many reasons to stay positive about Facebook.

That same poll found that 43% of participants believed Facebook would find long-term success. Additionally, competitor site Google+ is putting up abysmal interaction numbers, with the average post receiving less than one reply, reshare, and +1. Additionally, active users average 12 days between posts and the average number of posts for users steadily declines every month.

Creating the Right Facebook Marketing Plan
Marketing on Facebook, like any social media site, requires more than simple advertisement, it needs a creative and well-executed marketing plan that creates organic interaction with users and fosters a community around one’s company. A law firm cannot simply find success through ads on social media sites; it must make social media a highly important aspect of its marketing.

At SLS Consulting, we understand the need for a well crafted legal Internet marketing plan tailor-made for each client that will help them reach the highest potential success online. This includes social media and many other aspects of online marketing. For more information on how we can assist you in developing your social media presence, call us today at (323) 254-1510.

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