Is Vine a Worthwhile Addition to Your Twitter Presence?

In the past several months, the video application known as Vine, which is the latest addition to Twitter, has become an increasing presence on the social media website. And while many individuals have used Vine to make fun short videos, (Vine videos only run a maximum of six seconds) companies have also begun to use the application for Twitter marketing.

But is it the right marketing tool for your company?

Like Tweets, Vine videos are informal in nature. Videos are taken via a smart phone and can be comprised of as many clips as the user wants, with or without sound. While these videos are short, users can play around with them to create a variety of looks and feels. Some users have taken up the entire six seconds with one shot, and others have used rapidly edited clips to create a stop motion feel.

These videos cannot be edited after being shot, which gives them a more rough and informal feel than professional videos in other mediums. However, that does not mean that businesses looking to market themselves with the help of Vine should shoot without a plan.

Like any other content created and posted online, having a goal and a plan should always be a major factor. Rather than just simply having an idea for a video that you quickly shoot and forget, ask yourself several questions before beginning.

Does this portray my company in the way I want? What is the tone I want from my video? Will viewers want to share this video? Does this line up with my marketing plan? How many videos would I like to make?

These videos can have any tone and be stylized in any number of ways. They can reveal a more personal side with a behind-the-scenes look at the company, or present a more professional, aspect ideal for commercials. However, always remember to have a balance between marketing strategy and creative adventurousness.

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