Is Your Website Design Balancing Style with Function?

Designing a website is a complex process.

There are many aspects involved in creating a successful website design that helps draw in customers and gives your company a better chance at success.

However, finding a balance between the appearance of your website and the functionality of each page can be difficult for many.

laptop12733819.jpgWhen redesigning an old site or designing a brand new website, it is important to balance style and function.

A skilled designer will not simply favor one over the other, but will rather focus on both and create a site that naturally combines the two for the benefit of the company and visitors alike.

Easy-to-Find Links vs. Visual Aesthetics

Visitors should be able to easily move throughout the site, exploring various pages and being able to get to the topic they were originally searching for in the first place. However, the links found throughout each page should not compromise the look of the site. Make sure that the presence of links fits into the look of the page through color use, font, and placement within the page as a whole.

Cohesive Page Layouts vs. Dynamic Design

Each web page should fit into the look of the website as a whole, with colors and layout staying consistent throughout the site. This way, visitors will quickly understand the style and focus of the company as a whole. However, page after page of the same material can be boring. Change up the images used and the content on each page. This way, pages are differentiated and visitors will quickly see where they are within the site.

Simple Navigation vs. Interactive Elements

Visitors should be able to easily make their way through your site. Additionally, your client base may consist of people who have less online experience and may be less adept at navigating a website. If getting to another page is simple, visitors will be less likely to get upset with the company. However, many newer web design elements that have risen to prominence have visitors interact more with the site, such as social media widgets, fixed navigation bars, and responsive site design. Do not neglect these aspects for fear of alienating unfamiliar visitors. Knowledgeable visitors who can interact with photos, information, and other aspects of your company are more likely to be impressed and trust your company.

Skilled Design Work to Meet Your Needs

Through the help of the custom website design team at SLS Consulting, countless clients have been able to create an online presence that fully represents them and draws in potential customers. How do we do it? Years of experience and a dedication to keeping up with the latest advances and trends has helped us consistently design sites that help convert visitors while also implementing skilled SEO and content creation services. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our team at (323) 254-1510.

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