Keeping Up with Google Caffeine

You may need to order another shot of espresso to keep up with Google’s new indexing system, Google Caffeine, which was officially launched on June 7. The new way for Google to index sites on the web makes having a solid and focused legal Internet marketing strategy more important than ever.

As anyone familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) knows, Google recognizes relevant and properly placed keywords on a site. But this is not all. Google looks for several different factors when “indexing” a website, or making a website show up in search results for specific keyword phrases. With Google Caffeine, Google can index a large amount of content in a shorter amount of time than ever before. Considering how fast-paced our society is, which is reflected in the quick and efficient results we expect when entering a search, Google has created a way to provide us with even more updated material in a matter of seconds.

With Google Caffeine comes an emphasis on adding new content and design to your law firm’s website, building quality incoming links, keeping blog posts current, properly utilizing social media, and making sure that keyword positioning is done properly in addition to several other SEO tactics. Google Caffeine’s quick indexing also makes having a website with sufficient loading time extremely important.

Don’t let Google Caffeine give you the jitters – while it’s valuable to act fast in order to keep up with your competition and the ever-changing ways of the Internet, your actions must be deliberate and not rushed. Don’t neglect quality to get the job done faster. This does not create results that last for your law firm’s web presence. It is important to take your time, while being efficient, with the optimization, design, and structure of your legal website.

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