The Key to Keywords is to Just Be Natural

Have you ever heard an advertisement that was more sales-pitchy than informative? For the majority of companies out there, an eye-catching, effective advertising campaign is a necessity, and finding one is often a difficult task. Whether you hire an advertising firm to oversee your campaign or you employ an in-house department to do the same, advertising is an absolute must as far as acquiring new business is concerned.

In the world of legal Internet marketing, advertising comes in no better form than a properly optimized and well designed website. And at the root of the website is the copy, and how well that copy incorporates pertinent information (to sell the consumer) and keywords (to help the website rank well).

laptop-notes-2508116.jpgDo you know what keyword stuffing is? It’s the act of incorporating as many keywords into your website content as possible, often at the expense of the content sounding natural. Basically, keyword stuffing is a blatant attempt to manipulate content SEO so that a page ranks well. Put even more simply, keyword stuffing is bad.

People don’t appreciate reading keyword stuffed content. Search engines don’t like it, and neither do potential clients. Think about it. If you choose to use keyword stuffed content on your website, the risks you’re taking outnumber the benefits. While keyword stuffing may allow your website to rank better, this improved ranking is going to be temporary.

Once search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo determine that your site uses keyword stuffing as a ranking tactic, they will devalue your site, hurting your rankings and lowering them even more than they were in the first place. On top of that, visitors to your site won’t remain their very long, particularly since keyword stuffing makes content less informative and more annoying.

The most important thing to remember about content is to make it informative, yet accessible. If you’re an attorney, for instance, don’t use intricate legal jargon in all of your content. Write for your audience, and your audience will appreciate you for it. Who knows, it may even lead to future business, and all because you chose not to sully your content with too many keywords.

People don’t appreciate reading content that uses keyword stuffing, and often think lesser of companies who utilize it. Remember, while some keyword stuffing may help your site rank better, it won’t help you obtain new business in the long run. That is, if people visit your site, and your content is filled with advertising language rather than pertinent information that visitors are looking for, no one is going to want to remain on your site, thus increasing your bounce rate and hurting your overall marketing effort.

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